How Tackling Your Own Telecommunication Strategy Can Negatively Impact Your Business

Today’s modern businesses rely heavily on IT and telecommunication. Without having these systems properly in place within a business, you can suffer downtimes which can mean a significant loss of profits. When creating an office space, Saracen Interiors meticulously plans the reorganization and integration of these systems so that you can get back to business as quickly as possible. Below are just some of the reasons why having a well thought out IT and telecom strategy is a must:

Your Telecommunications Technology

Over the past century, telecommunications technology has drastically changed. Before the dawn of the Internet, technology was largely based on telephone and fax machines. However, the telecommunication technology of the 21st century relies heavily on digital communications which can be far more difficult for untrained individuals to navigate.

Increasing Profits and Productivity

A well-integrated telecommunications system allows businesses to reduce their costs in all transactions while increasing efficiency and productivity. For example, customers can quickly hop online and cancel orders electronically without the need for any human interaction. This saves you from paying a salary to one or more customer service agents, or having to take the time to manage these quick queries yourself. Other ways in which a seamless telecommunication system can benefit companies includes:

  • Automating most shipping operations
  • Aligning employees and business strategy as all information is maintained in one accessible space
  • Coordinating employees and tasks (whether working in the same office or globally)
  • Improving mobile and wireless communications

Empowering Customers and Businesses

Telecommunications systems are not only about empowering your employees in the business. It is also largely about empowering customers as well. Never before have customers had such an easy time processing payments, speaking with customer service reps or having their questions and concerns answered. It is no secret that an accessible company is one which is preferred by customers.

The Effects of a Poor Telecommunications Strategy

Lags, downtime, and inefficiencies can all have a bad impact on the way your business is able to do business. What may begin as a small IT problem can result in a cascade of negative outcomes for your business.

  • Reduced customer satisfaction: This often leads to a loss of customers, particularly as many will jump online and write up a negative review
  • Negative brand image: A negative brand image can severely impact a business’s ability to acquire new customers
  • Workplace inefficiency: Employees are not able to communicate and work as team
  • Employee dissatisfaction: This results in disengagement, which leads to a lack of productivity and quality
  • Retention problems: Businesses often then face not only the inability to retain the best talent in the business, but they fail in being able to attract the best talent that will drive the business into the future

The bottom line is that having a poor telecommunications strategy will affect the bottom line of your business. Unless expertly trained in this complicated line of work, businesses often do best in hiring a professional to tackle any IT and telecommunication set-ups and concerns rather than attempt to troubleshoot the task themselves.

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