Combatting Transnational Crime, Corruption And Its Negative Effect On Businesses

Bogota, Columbia, 2015 – Transnational crime involves the trafficking of humans, organs, wildlife and illegal drugs. This type of crime causes great corruption, violence and human displacement, as well as a massive loss for local and international businesses. The Global Criminal Networks Graph, the biggest public global crime graph of its kind, will illustrate the complex interactions and workings of these criminal networks.      

Unlike what most people assume, any type of crime, including transnational crime, is not a simple process to solve. It is, in fact, a far more complex system, which includes many parties such as politicians, criminals, bankers etc. With the help of this interactive graph and related tools, methodologies and concepts that were developed, the graph will inform authorities and the public, as well as businesses, about the complexities of criminal networks and working together with local journalists, researchers and investigators in several countries help identify criminal structures. This will help end corruption and, in turn, help businesses throughout the world.

With the support of the public through their Kickstarter project, the Vortex Foundation will be able to continue to analyze and provide information to journalists, policy makers, prosecutors and judges, and help combat large criminal networks.  The project will initially focus on transnational crime networks in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Bulgaria and South Africa.

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