Printed Presentation Folders

Printed presentation folders can perceived in a number of ways based on the people understanding it. Here, we describe what it means to us and how we look at printed presentation folders.

Pocket folders, conference folders and document wallets are all the same, when considered in a broader way. With a few number of people using the term binder, it is preferred to use binder for more concrete products like a ring binder, which is manufactured from 2mm thick board PVC or polypropylene.

As per our view, a better understanding of the printed presentation folder is a document printed on a thick paper or a card of light weight with the thickness of around 250 GSM to 400 GSM. The main idea behind the usage of a printed presentation folder is to hold one or many documents together so that they stay protected. With the usual and general size in UK being that of an oversized A4 paper, it is understood to consist of at least one pocket and a cover. However, the exact size of the folder is found to vary based on the manufacturer. We manufacture printed presentation folder at a standard size of 303mm X 218mm. There are also four pages included in the folder. They are:

a)      The front cover.

b)      The inside cover.

c)       Inside Back.

d)      Outer Back.

Based on the requirements of the customer of how many pages or documents they wish to carry, they can specify the capacity accordingly. Variants such as the 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 15mm thickness are available as standards. It must be noted that a standard printed presentation folder can accommodate at least 16 pages of 80 GSM sheets. The raw material used in the manufacture of printed presentation folders may vary from silk to glossy art board. If people wish to go for a more economical one, they may opt for colored or textured paper variants. The Fedrigoni graphic paper is our personal favorite.

The ways in which the art work is passed on to the papers vary between different manufacturers. When the quantities are over 1000, Offset Lithographic Printing is preferred, all thanks to the great color reproduction and high resolution if offers. If the lot size is small, digital prints are made use of. With the advent of technology and the improvements in modern days, the quality of digital printing has improved to a significant extent and it is unrecognizable when compared to offsets. Also, one more method called hot foil is used. In this method, folders that have to be used for expensive or documents of high value are manufactured.

The preferences of our customers mostly revolve around Matt or Gloss laminations, as a result of which durability is obtained, making the printed presentation folders look more pleasing and catchy. Apart from the regular matt lamination, a spot coating of UV is also used on certain printed presentation folders, in order to highlight the key images or wordings.