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One thing that successful business people know is that office space in London is a prestigious thing to have. London is an International business hub that attracts millions every year. When you have an office in London, your business associates know that you are serious about your local and International business prospects. In recent years, the demand for office space has risen in the great city but that does not have to stop you from finding the space you need to run your business.

London Office Rates

It should come as no surprise that office space in London often has a hefty price tag. According to recent reports, Mayfair is the most expensive area for office rental space. The average cost in Mayfair is 1,432 Euro per square meter. Office space in Victoria costs slightly less at 911 Euro per square meter. If you are considering office space in the city core, mid-town or Paddington, office space in these areas are priced in the mid 700 Euro range per square meter. The least expensive area to rent office space is City Fringe, with an average cost of around 650 Euro per square meter. Obviously, the cost is a major concern for any small or new business trying to get off the ground. Building owners often require new and existing tenants to sign long-term leases before handing the keys over to a new tenant. If the tenant cannot maintain his rental payments, he could be subject to legal problems or face eviction.

Shared Office Space Has its Place

As times have changed, so has the way that traditional office space is made available to business people. Business environments serviced offices in London are changing the face of office rental space today. They know that business is always changing and business owners appreciate flexibility. The Internet has changed the face of business worldwide. Many office employees have more flexibility to do their jobs from home from time to time. Employees that always do their job away from the office are commonly referred to as remote workers. Remote workers help keep overhead low because they do not require a physical desk at a London office. They can perform their job duties from their own physical location without punching a time clock or being closely monitored by their employer. Small businesses and people that use remote workers to complete tasks can benefit from paying a lot less for their London office space. If you are not familiar with shared office space, these are business offices that are set up specifically with the idea to rent the area to several different small businesses or single business people. Shared office space has a lot of advantages for people who are just getting started or want a business office. One advantage is that renters do not have to pay for more space than they need. If the business only has three employees, there is no reason to rent an entire floor or pay for a room that is too large and costs too much. Office space that does not fit the needs of the renter is wasteful and cuts profits. Another benefit is that shared office space is furnished. As a small business owner or independent contractor, you probably would rather not spend a small fortune on office desks, chairs and other office furnishings. All of this is included when you use a shared office space over a traditional style office environment.

Office Space is Flexible

Shared office space offers room for growth. London offices are available for companies or businesses as small as one person up to as many as one hundred people. This is a cost effective and smart way for any business to grow their capacity without breaking the bank. Flexible office space gives tenants a number of options, including short term or long term rentals with their choice of locations in London. If you only need the space for a month or two, it is no problem. Serviced offices in London can be rented for periods of one month to one year. If your business starts out with three people and you grow quickly, you can easily acquire more office space in the same office building without a lot of hassle. If you are a single person operator or freelancer that wants the chance to see other people and have a prestigious office address in London, this is a way to do it. There is space available for single people and small offices, shared office spaces, medium sized offices, large offices as well as project and swing space that can be used for conferences and group projects. Desks and storage are provided as part of the office rental, but renters are responsible for bringing their own computer equipment and office supplies.

Business Networking

One aspect of doing business is business networking. Business networking is a great way to connect with other small business professionals. Networking allows small business people to meet other professionals in their vertical, for collaboration and referral business. Since shared office space is used by multiple companies, there is a good chance that freelancers can connect with potential new clients within the office space.


Your London office space awaits you! No matter where you want to be in the city, there is a space for you here. Serviced offices are now available  in Bristol Clifton, Bristol Temple Meads, Wembley, Basingstoke, Milton Keynes, Reading, Barbican, Cheapside, Minories, Royal Exchange, St Paul’s and Threadneedle Street. Our serviced business offices are perfect for getting an address in London proper without the high costs and long term rental agreements that many other property management companies in London require. If you are ready to make the move to a prestigious address within London, flexible office space is for you. Getting your new address and office space has never been easier to do and your business can grow without ever having to outgrow your office space.

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