Funeral Home Service

Most people don’t realize when you run a funeral home; you really are running a business.  It is one of the toughest fields to stay on top of the game.  Not only do you have to take care of the clients who are bereaved, but you also have to keep a very tight schedule and tight budget.

We have found that if we put our client’s needs first, we usually get outstanding results.  What our competitors usually do is put all the energy on the front end, but don’t pay attention to the backend.  So they will spend over ten thousand dollars a month on marketing and treat them like a king until they sign on the dotted line.  After that, most funeral homes will give their clients B to C type service versus A+ service.

We believe you came to our business for a reason and the reason to see what was the cheapest deal you could get.  We believe you wanted to honor your loved one who passed away and you want the rest of your family to honor your loved one as well.  We believe you want to spend time with your family who is still alive and remember the good times about the loved one who passed away.

We recently had a review on our business from a local doctor and his family.  A review on funeral homes in Brownsville, TX was how the family had it labeled.   They gave the details that when their service time ran over the normal time frame we gave them an extra 30 minutes and juggled the ball to make it happen.  This is what we commonly do for our clients.

Honestly this is why we have such a high referral service.  Most of our clients refer their friends and other family members to our funeral home due to the fact that we always go the extra mile.