How To Calibrate A Click Torque Wrench?

Even though a click torque is one of the most used torque wrenches of them all due to its low price, there are certain disadvantages associated with it. For example, it needs frequent lubrication and you have to caliber it rather frequently when you feel like it is not tightening properly. But you can set the desired level of torque and the screw or the bolt will tighten to the perfect point. The following is a complete guide on how to calibrate a click torque wrench and if you want to buy the best click torque, go to ToolsDuty  website for guides and reviews.

Steps To Calibrate A Click Torque Wrench –

Step 1 – Setting The Square Drive

Put the square drive in the vise in such a way that it should touch the vise but create no connection with the body of the wrench. For that, you need t measure from the center of the square drive to the required calibration point. Write down the reading in the same units in which the wrench is marked. There could be multiple metric systems and you should use the common one.

Step 2 – Use A Weight and Set The Wrench

You will need a weight of 20 to 40 pounds to put force on the handle. Now, multiply the distance by weight. If you do not have a weight, use anything heavy whose exact weight you know. You need to now set your wrench to the number calculate and then hang the weight from the mark of the wrench. Once you put the weight, you will feel or hear a click sound. Once you hear that, move the weight closer to the handle and keep moving it away from the vice until you get the click sound again. Be patient while performing this step because a slight miscalculation will affect the efficiency. If you want to find out the best torque wrench to use, visit ToolsDuty for more information.

Step 3 – The Calibration Ratio and Its Use

Measure the distance where you hear the click sound. Now, you need to make a ratio considering the first distance in step 1 and the second distance in step 2. This ratio is instrumental in using the click wrench perfectly because every time you use the wrench, you need to use this ratio. For example, you want to set a torque of 25 feet pounds, then you have to multiply 50 by the ratio and then you will get the exact idea of the setting you will need on your wrench. This is why it is important to get the distances accurate for better efficiency.

Depending on the usage of your click wrench, you have to vary the frequency of calibration. Generally, a click wrench requires frequent calibration if you are using it too often. It is better to check the calibration frequently to work accurately. If it is used to tighten something sensitive, it is always better to calibrate it first and then use to get the exact torque you are looking for.

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