Six Employment Screening Basics

Bad consequences can occur as a result of bad hiring decisions. The reasons could be fake credentials, buried criminal records and bad credits etc. The problems that may occur afterward may have animmoral impact on the company’s image and in addition It also affects other employees in a negative manner. It is always a best practice to do employment screening at the time of interview and afore hiring a candidate as it saves the firm from a number of possible issues that can occur subsequently.

Below mentioned are six basics of employment screening which must be followed by firm in order to ensure the credibility of the applying candidate:

  1. Basic Verification:
    Basic verification means to cross check each and every detail about the school, college, and university certificates. In other words, we can say that it’s basically the check for education background. Do investigate about the school’s, college’s and university’s existence and the mentioned grade or GPA by the candidate.
  2. Work-Background Checks
    Employers need to make sure that the candidate is really the one who he has said he is or mentioned in the resume. It’s wiser to screen all previous employment history of the candidate to make a double-check of his work background and records. References must be called and asked for the verification of the person and his authenticity.
  3. Criminal Check
    Acriminal check is one of the most crucial background screening of the candidate as it can cause serious offense for the company if the candidate is involved in any kind of criminal activities. Employers conducting criminal screening remain on the safer side. It is essential to do a cross check on whether the candidate has a clean record or not.
  4. Drug Testing
    Employers must screen if the candidate is addicted to any drug. As it can affect the workplace environment. It will be a great idea to mention in the job post that the company will be conducting a drug screening test at the time of interview it will save a lot of time and majority of thedrug addicts won’t even bother to apply for the job. 
  1. Therapeutic and Credit History
    This will help the employer analyze the current medical state of the candidate as well as the past state. Plus it also assists in examining the credit pattern of the applicant. 
  1. Other Screenings
    They may include driving history test, social security number, and motor vehicle screening. It also helps the employer to appropriately scrutinize the candidate’s history.

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Khalid Irfan works as Digital Marketing Manager at Background Check Group. The company specializes in background screening, due diligence and background checks. Khalid is also Google certified professional and serving the Digital Industry for last 7+ years! 

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