Essential Steps to Prepare Your Home for Double Glazing Installation

Double Glazing

Although preparing the house for double glazing installation may seem a mammoth task, a little planning can work wonders in fetching a smooth and hassle-free process. Double glazing stands are associated with other advantages besides better thermal insulation, reduced noise pollution, and improved security features. This makes it the go-to choice for many people. To ensure the job is executed within a short time frame and with minimum disturbance to your life, herein is a well-rounded brief on how best to prepare your home.

Clear the Way for Efficiency

First, ensure the workspace is clean and ready for the installers. This will ensure that they have an easy and smooth time at work and save as much installation time as possible, minimising the risks of damage to your worldly possessions.

Move furniture around: Mark the windows to be fitted with double glazing and check out furniture near these areas. You want to remove furniture that will most directly impede your window access, like couches, chairs, or bookcases. You can relocate them to another room or push them further off the windows to give you a comfortable area to work in. If you are looking for double glazing installers Bushey, preparing your home in advance is a good idea.

Clear the floor: Just like furniture, clear the floor around the windows of any rugs, mats, or toys. This allows the installers to move about freely without tripping or danger.

Empty windowsills: Remove all ornaments, plants, or just plain clutter from windowsills to allow space for the installers to work in a clean area and avoid accidental damage to your priceless goods.

Curtains and blinds: You may wish to remove curtains and blinds, especially the ones close to windows. Be prepared to take down curtain rods and runners if they will get in the way. If removing them isn’t feasible, you will only need to tie up the curtains and keep them well off the way of the work.

Exterior access: Remember the outdoor part of your house, too. If you can, move any plants, garden furniture, or bins that may obstruct access to windows from outside. Besides, clear the pathway up to windows of leaves, weeds, or other obstructions.

Protect Your Surroundings from Dust

Double glazing installation is all about cutting, drilling, and general building work, which naturally creates dust. Here you are to see how to protect your things:

Dust sheets: You should invest in dust sheets. Lay them liberally on the floor around windows, covering more than the window space. You could also drape dust sheets over furniture you cannot move entirely.

Plastic sheeting: Use plastic to protect valuable furniture or devices from dust near the work area. This offers some extra protection against dust.

Vacuum cleaner: Having a vacuum cleaner on hand can help quickly clean up any dust particles after the installation.

Be Prepared for Any Eventualities

Although double glazing installation is an event scheduled well in advance, there is always a possibility of inconveniences cropping up regarding small issues:

Parking: As there might be limited on-street parking available in your area, you may ask your neighbours to move their cars, at least for the installation day. Alternatively, you could speak with your neighbours about temporarily allowing the installers’ van to use your driveway.

Pets: If you have pets, ensure they are placed elsewhere in another room or preferably taken care of offsite to reduce stress for both your pets and the installers.

Refreshments: Tea, coffee, or simply offering water would be kind gestures toward the installation crew. It is a considerate gesture to show your appreciation and put them in good order for productive work.

Communication is Key

Confirm the appointment with the installer: A day or two before the due date, reconfirm the appointment details with the installation company to ensure that you are on the same page regarding when they will arrive and how long it will take.

Inform the installer of any concerns: If there’s anything in particular that may worry you or if you have any questions regarding the installation, talk to the installer in advance. This can include access points for specific installations or even asking what materials will be used.

Be available on installation day: While the installers will work independently, it is good to be available for any unforeseen questions or clarifications they want.

Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be well on your way to ensuring your home is well-prepared for double glazing installation. Of course, a little planning goes a long way to create a smooth and efficient process that will minimise disruption to your daily life and allow you to reap the benefits from those new double-glazed windows sooner rather than later. Now that your home is prepped, I look forward to a more comfortable living space with energy efficiency at its peak!

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