Top 10 Elite Business You Can Do In Sri Lanka

As an investor, one does not have time to rest or relax. He or she is constantly looking for the next place to make an investment to earn an extra dollar. As much as we say that the market is saturated, there are places that lie untapped by investors.

Sri Lanka, for instance, is one lucrative business destination that remains untapped by international investors. The following are among the ten most business ideas you can implement while in Sri Lanka.



Tourism is one of the highest revenue earners in the country. Tourists both from within the country and international visit the various tourist attractions throughout the year. The major attractions are the beaches and the islands. One can easily make lots of profit by starting a business related to tourism such as a travel agency, hotel and hospitality agency and many other activities tailor made to make tourism better.

IT and Security

With the advancements in technology, many people and organizations are moving to automate their operations. Technology is one thing that we cannot live without and just like the rest of the world, Sri Lanka is moving to adopt technology and IT services are in high demand. If you can offer these services, then you can make a lot of cash just by trading your skills.

Construction Services

Like never before, Sri Lanka is experiencing the highest rates of construction throughout the country. Certified Architects and engineers are under high demand. Contractors and construction companies are not enough. Starting a company in the above fields will surely give you an added advantage towards making some cash.


There is no limit to the amount of money you can make in this sector. Sri Lanka relies to some point on agriculture with up to 13% contribution to the total GDP coming from agriculture. Agriculture is both essential to local and export purposes with the main crops being tea, coconut, rubber, tobacco. The fact that you have both local and international markets to satisfy makes it quite a lucrative field.

Real Estate

As much as real estate does well globally, Sri Lanka is not left behind. If you can offer housing and land for lease, then you are bound to make lots of money in Sri Lanka.

Petroleum Products

If you are a corporate investor then opening a petroleum refinery would be the best move you can ever make. However, the cost might be high and so settling to vend petroleum products to consumers would be the best thing to do after a refinery.

Pharmacy and Chemists

Again, this is a field open for both cooperates and individuals. For cooperates, opening a drug manufacturing company would be the ideal business and for individuals, opening a chemist as a retailer or wholesaler would quite rewarding for you since there is increasing demand for better health care services.


With the rising population, there is a deficit in the amount of food produced by farmers to the number of people. If you can be able to import food from the neighbouring countries, it would really help you raise quite a good amount of money.

Textiles and Related products

Again the population in Sri Lanka is rising drastically and clothing is one of the most essential sectors in the country. However, as much the government tries to meet the demand, it seems to be depleted since it just meets a certain percentage. Importing textiles would be quite a lucrative business to carry out in Sri Lanka.

Cement and Construction Materials

Due to the high construction rates in the country, selling cement and construction materials would be one of the sure ways to make a lot of money while in Sri Lanka. For international investors who are eyeing Sri Lanka as an investment destination, all you need is a valid passport and Sri Lanka Visa to be eligible to be in the country.

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