Aptitude Tests

There are a number of Aptitude tests that are being used by the employers to assess the aptitude and the personality of the candidate. Aptitude tests are only the means to test the abilities of the candidates to perform a particular job and that could include a number and kind of situations. These days most of the hiring managers and recruitment agencies make use of these aptitude test. These are important and helps the companies save a lot of time as well as energy. Its importance can be explained with the help of a situation wherein a candidate may have an interest in going to the space in a spaceship but that interest doesn’t really mean that he can perform well in that career and also achieve success.

The method of administering these tests are very standardized and the results of the various candidates could be compared. There are a lot of Aptitude tests available, some of which are mentioned as under:

  1. Cognitive Ability test – This particular test is a series of a number of other tests as well and it measures the overall acumen of a candidate.
  2. Numerical Reasoning test–This test is used to measure the aptitude in calculation and analysis, thus figures, statistics and charts are used to ask questions.
  3. Verbal reasoning test – This test is helpful if the employer wants to check out the logical reasoning of a candidate and how soon can they process the information from text or other modes.
  4. Diagrammatic tests – Another test helpful for analyzing the logical reasoning on the basis of questions asked about some pictures or diagrams.
  5. Mechanical reasoning tests–Majorly used for technical positions, this test is used to assess the mechanical knowhow of a person and how does he uses his knowledge and various engineering principals to sort out an issue.
  6. Spatial Awareness tests – These tests are majorly used in the architecture, engineering, and design domains. They assess the ability of the candidate to manipulate the images mentally. These tests check the creativity of an individual.
  7. Intray exercises – Usually for positions related to HR, these tests assess how well a candidate can efficiently handle tasks in hand by prioritizing.
  8. Inductive reasoning test–This test is beneficial as it can analyze the candidate’s ability to find a logic in the various patterns and not in numbers or words.
  9. Error checking tests – This test focusses on candidate’s ability to find out errors in the complicated data.
  10. Situational judgment test– This is another test which helps in identifying the candidate’s ability to resolve the problems related to work.

These aptitude testscan easily be administered with the help of HR and hiring team. Besides, there are many companies which have an expertise in getting these tests conducted. It could be in pen and paper format or even online and that depends on the employer’s requirement. Sometimes, the employer may ask the candidates to have the same test in online as well as pen and paper format. Usually it is done to ensure that there is no cheating during the online test.

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