Preventing a DDoS Attack

Website security has turned to being a full necessity for any business from the medium to enterprise level these days.   With all of the buzz words circulating around the type of malicious attacks that hackers are using, DDoS attacks can be the most severe and debilitating.  A DDoS attack is a Distributed Denial of Service attack and works by preventing the hosting server unavailable.  A DDoS attack will flood the server causing a shut down by an overwhelming influx of traffic from multiple sources.

Theseonline assaults are often times purchased on underground markets and more than 2000 of these attacks are observed daily worldwide.   There are actually specialized marketplaces online that exist to sell botnets or DDoS attacks and these attacks can run from hours to weeks in length disrupting service and crippling an organizations online presence.

Generally this type of attack is temporary and is accomplished by interrupting or suspending the hosting provider from connecting to the internet.  However, once compromised your website maybe blacklisted by the web hosting service due to the traffic overload.  Several websites have been banned for far less.

Luckily there are a few different providers now whose services insure from these attacks from ever occurring.  Cloudbric offers a unique value currently by offering free DDoS site security and free website security up to 4GB of data.  There is comparable pricing depending on size ranges and websites over 100GB use a pro-rated system of payment to lower costs.

Unfortunately any online business is at risk for these sorts of attacks but fortunately there are precautions and services that you can take to ensure a smooth flow of business and that you never fall victim to this sort of attack.  More info at

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