How To Stay Competitive In The Local Business With The Google 3 Pack?

Google continues modifying search engine algorithms that best serve the purpose from time to time. Google 3-pack came into being on August 6, 2015, by replacing its earlier 7-pack for the local businesses. Introduction of this new 3-pack stirred the market. Little or no knowledge about the changes in the new 3-pack has led to a wide confusion among the business entities. We, therefore, present a wholistic view on the Google 3-pack and how it affects your local business.

Google’s 7-pack and 3-pack at a glance:


All those information put together indicates a shift in the primary focus of Google for the local businesses in the search engine results. These changes have been incorporated in 3-pack based on the findings on the purchasing behaviour of the local customers. For instance, Google maps are considered extremely valuable and important in the case of the local businesses while Google+ business pages are not. Availability of the links of local businesses has been instrumental in increasing online and offline traffic while reviews and stars have been retained to build the confidence and ease of decision-making.

Tips for becoming competitive locally with the Google 3-pack:

  • On-page and off-page signal optimisation: Both on-page and off-page signals are important. You can create signals online by creating individual pages for each location that your business serves in a city/area. Besides, identify and list with the most influential local directories such as yellow pages for off-page signals.
  • Listing consistency: Maintain the local citations consistent for your business.
  • Regular monitoring: Keep checking your local SEO ranking on a regular basis.
  • Store timing: Your business timing must be reciprocal to the needs of the local customers.
  • Google map optimisation: Earn reviews and review stars on sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, and TripAdvisor for Google map integration.
  • Local backlink building: Join the local Chamber of Commerce and non-profit organisations for effective backlinks. At the same time, hook to .edu sites that earn Google ranking for you.

In short, keep identifying priority areas from time to time for staying competitive with the Google’s 3-pack in local business.

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