Five Tips That Can Make Finding A Job Easier

Even though it can be frustrating at times, searching for a job is necessary in order to advance in your career, especially after you’ve finished your education or certification in a certain field. Finding the right job can take several months, but you have to be prepared in order to find the one you want. These tips will help you during a job search so that you find the right position.

Prepare a Great CV

You will need to send a curriculum vita when applying for jobs, so you should prepare a basic one ahead of time, and then you can add the specifics for each position for which you’re applying. Your CV should highlight your skills as well as tell potential employers about your work history. Have someone look over your CV, such as a job counsellor, and be prepared to make changes and improvements to it you have a better chance getting an interview.

Look Beyond Ads

With only 20% of job openings being advertised, you will need to take some initiative if you want to find the job you desire. Make a list of companies with whom you wish to work and send them your CV and a cover letter that describes your skills and what you can bring to the table. Also, consider registering with online job boards so you can search them for jobs you may be qualified for, such as asbestos jobs via Future Select.

Build a Network

Create a network among your friends, former colleagues, former teachers and people you know from organisations to which you belong. When you are looking for a new position, inform your network that you are job searching so they can inform you about openings that you may have an interest in. In addition, attend job fairs as well so you can get your CV into as many hands as possible when seeking a new position.

Have an Online Presence

These days, with most companies only accepting CVs online, you need to have an online presence in order to promote yourself. Use social media to promote your job skills, create a blog and/or post your CV online and link to it on Twitter, Facebook and your other social media accounts when you’re actively job searching. Join job boards and create alerts when jobs are posted that you may be interested in.

Prepare Yourself for Interviews

No matter how experienced you are, interviews can be intimidating and you sometimes may not be able to think of anything to say when questioned. Prepare yourself for interviews by thinking about questions you’ve been asked in the past and create answers for them so you won’t be stuck during your next interview. Review your skills and what you can offer an employer prior to the interview so this information is fresh in your mind, which will make it less likely that you will forget what to say.

No one likes looking for work, but if you are prepared, your job search will be easier and it can help you quickly find a career.

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