Commercial Property Concerns Should Be Addressed Through Solicitors

If you own commercial property, are a landlord, or are interested in commercial property finance, you need to align yourself with a solicitor or legal firm that is well versed in commercial property transactions and commercial development.

Contact a Legal Professional

If you want to make sure your real property transactions are handled correctly, you cannot leave anything to chance. Solicitors who handle these kinds of transactions frequently provide inclusive property services, including freehold sale and purchase help, commercial lease assistance, occupation services, and property finance assistance.

Working in business as a commercial property owner requires help from solicitors – professionals who know how to manage the progression of a transaction, ensuring that commercial goals and deadlines are met. Various challenges in conducting business today require the services of a litigator or legal representative. Without legal representation, you open yourself up to extra risks and liability.

Commercial Property Services

A commercial property solicitor can lead you through a variety of transactions to safeguard your business and commercial property interests. Commercial solicitors act on your behalf to handle the following property activities:

  • Freehold purchases and sales
  • Issuance of new leases
  • Assignments of leases
  • Financing on commercial properties
  • Sales of restaurants, retail shops, and public housing

Commercial solicitors in London can also handle licences for tenancies at will and occupation, whether a client is a tenant or landlord. Other services cover:

  • Licenses for alteration
  • Subletting
  • Rent reviews
  • Surrender of leasehold interests
  • Lease renewals or extensions

Rent Reviews

If you are a tenant, it does not hurt to discuss, with a solicitor, the rent you are paying. The longer the term of the lease, the more important it is to review the rent. A rent review can be extremely complicated, as it often comes in one of a number of forms. Using a solicitor’s services can help you discover if you agree to unreasonable terms.

Reduce Your Risk

If you are a landlord, conferring with a commercial property solicitor can assist you in reducing liability and risk. You should not even transact commercial leasing business without the support of a solicitor who knows all the ins and outs of property leases. If you try to go it alone, whether you are the landlord or tenant, you can also end up paying out a large sum of money in the long run. Don’t leave yourself open to liability, contractually or personally.

For example, a mistake that is often made by tenants holding leases is the assumption that it is okay to terminate or break the lease at their choosing. However, the landlord can also share the right, which, if not reviewed by a solicitor, can produce uncertainty for both your business and tenancy.

You cannot take any legal matter for granted. If you do not consult with a solicitor, you put yourself and your business at a sizable risk. Before you sign any commercial lease agreement or let a property, make sure you have access to a solicitor who understands the intricacies involved in commercial property transactions.

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