Impress Your Clients Without Saying A Word

Let’s admit it that we all have been there – trying desperately to impress potential or present important customers before we start to talk business. I reckon the way we look (clothes) or speak (how much we know about them and their needs) are vital components there are other more subtle ways to make a permanent image in your clients’ heads. I am talking about how clean is your office. Yes, it will impact their attitude towards you and your business immensely.

Professionally cleaned and well-maintained office space will make good impression even to the most fastidious people. Fail to usher them in a clean room and you might just as well wave good bye to your prospects for success. Look at your office as a valuable asset you can leverage in the battle for your potential clients hearts, minds and finally their business. Below I will show how to make your entrance useful weapon.

Perform A “Smell Check” Of Your Lobby

First things first – a thing that can leave a persistent negative impression with people in general is a bad smell. You should know that even if your lobby windows are shiny and the furniture in line with the latest design trends a bad smell can kill all your efforts in a minute. Take our word for it. The source of this pestilence are manifold – dirty carpets, trash cans or even in extreme cases poorly maintained ventilation system.

You can remedy the situation by:

  • Having a company deep clean your carpet and other upholstery every 3 to 6 months
  • Vacuum clean the lobby carpet every day
  • Empty trash cans at least once a day and before important meetings at the office
  • Maintain the ventilation system rigorously

Sparkling Clean Windows

I mentioned the entrance windows in the paragraph above. Now let me tell how vital are they to your efforts. Dirty windows can make the whole area look drape and neglected. You don’t want a client to see smudges and fingerprints when they look out through the window of your office neither. It’s a good idea for windows and glass doors to be cleaned at least once a month.

Invest in Doormats

I have said that one of the sources for bad odours in a lobby can be its carpet. Entrance mats are an excellent tool to protect the expensive carpet and reduce maintenance costs over the long term. Door mats are great at capturing and retaining dirt, moisture and mud coming from outside. Plus they are cheaper that a carpet, easier to clean and you can customize them with your company logo or colours.

Hire Professional Office Cleaners

Most experts recommend to any business owner unless it is a cleaning business to outsource this type of work. Finding a reliable office cleaning service in London shouldn’t be that hard because London is one of the business capitals of the world. There is no shortage of eager and well-prepared entrepreneurs such as RCL Office Cleaners London who will be more than happy to offer you a great company plan.

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