Role Of Health, Protection And Security Signs

Cube Safety Signs is a renowned supplier of safety signs in United Kingdom. It provides mandatory safety signs for all work places. It is located at 77 Troopers Hill Road, Bristol. Fire safety, health, emergency, warning, first aid, prohibition, and construction signs are the legal requirements of any work station. Safeguarding the employees and ensuring no potential harm to the individuals is an important responsibility of the employer. Reducing the risk of danger and threat to life is equally important.

Health and Safety signs reveal safe working environments. The Health and Safety Executive, an organisation in the United Kingdom surveys the safety levels of work stations. All the firms and enterprises must evaluate the health risks in their premises. Adequate measures must be adopted to lessen the likelihood of danger and harm. Safety signs alert the workers to observe care and proper precautions in vulnerable situations. One can also learn how to cope with the hazard to reduce the potent risk.

First aid kits, barriers, cones and other protective appliances are supplied by Cube Safety Signs. There is a diverse variety of health and safety signs issued by Cube Safety Signs that must be used at different places as per the demand.

Types of Health and Safety Signs:

Prohibition Signs: Represented by red colour, these signs forbid certain behaviour to minimise the impact of danger. For example: No parking and no swimming.

Warning Signs: Portrayed by yellow colour, the warning signals warn you of a hazardous condition. For example: Vehicle warning or indicator lights.

Mandatory Signs: Depicted by blue colour, these symbols specify the instruction that must be followed to avoid danger. For example: Road signs

Safe condition Signs: Represented by green colour, these symbols indicate safe conditions at the time of emergency.   For example: First aid and fire risk.

Signs Supplied by Cube Safety Signs:

Construction Signs: Heavy machinery and temporary building structures make construction sites most vulnerable to hazards. It is necessary to mark the dangerous situations so prevent harm to the labourers. The Health and Safety Law Act 1974 states that the safety signs must be placed in highly visible areas. No access, direction signs and vehicles signage must be used at the construction sites.

Disability Signs (DDA) :These signs reflect services provided to help the disabled and physically challenged people. Cube Safety Signs offer the following disabled signs as per the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995:

  •        Emergency evacuation lift
  •        Refuge point
  •        Hearing induction loops
  •        Access ramps
  •        Wheel chair access

Water Safety Signs: Cube Safety Signs provide the below mentioned water safety signs:

  •        Water Depth Sign
  •        Fishing Area
  •        Swimming Area
  •        Beware Deep Water
  •        Beware Slipway

Cones and Barriers: They are used to create barriers in dangerous areas and reduce the possibility of accidents and injury. Caution wet floor design, caution slippery surface cone, skipper retractable barrier cone and thermoplastic cone are few of the cones and barriers supplied by Cube Safety Signs.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE):  Safety spectacles, gloves, safety boots, hard hats, work wear clothing are the personal safety equipment that the workforce must wear during the working hours to protect themselves.

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