Have An Experienced Placement Agency Work For You

Whether you are a person seeking a counselling position or a client looking to fill vacancies in your company, working with an agency comes with many benefits. Instead of scouring through long lists of job ads or making endless phone calls, you can register as a job candidate or place your listing with experienced recruiters. This way, you will be assured of quality on both ends. As an employer, you have the guarantee that only the best, properly vetted candidates will be available for your vacancies. As a candidate, you can be sure that only quality clients who have met strict criteria are hiring you.

The Candidate Process

When you first contact the resource team at 4 Social Work, you will be matched with an experienced professional who will work with you to gather all the pertinent information needed to get you in the system. Finding out more about you, including the type of job you are seeking, your targeted professional goals, as well as your prior experience,speeds up the processingof your applicationso you can get started as soon as possible. It is also crucial to let the consultant know about your preferred location, pay and other important factorsso they can help locate a job that you will be comfortable with.

Once you are in the system, it may be necessary for you to submit items such as your educational background, references and any other professional data that can support your credentials. This information is then properly vetted by an experienced safeguarding officer who will verify it and get you ready to start working.

What to Expect as a Client

When you register your vacancies with an agency, you can expect every aspect of the opening to be considered and matched very carefully with the right candidates. In serving the many areas of expertise within the industry, recruiters understand the value of matching qualifications, experience, background and other criteria for each individual match. Making sure you will have someone working for you that can handle all the requirements and give you full peace of mind is a critical goal for them.

Working with hundreds of employers, your agency representative knows the high standards that the many local authorities, NHS trusts and private organisations place on the quality of their workers. It is an agency goal to meet those standards every time. All consultants who work to place candidates with you are industry experts with extensive experience in the field.

Advanced Training That Provides Valuable Continuing Education

For all candidates, there is a wealth of free training that is industry certified and will advance your professional goals. These user-friendly e-learning courses are available twenty-four hours a day to ensure that you have access at a time that’s convenient for you. There are many lessons that cover every imaginable topic for propelling your career forward, from health and safety, infection control, dementia care, depression support, and more. You will find plenty of options to advance your learning in areas important to your career development.

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