Funeral Homes In Brownsville

When you think of business, rarely do you think funeral homes as a business, but they are.  They can be extremely profitable and extremely non-profitable.  It’s sad to say that most funeral homes are still stuck in the print area and are not seeing the digital realm and its full potential.


There is one exception to this as there always is and that is Funeraria del Angel Buena Vista.  One of the funeral homes in Brownsville, TX that has taken a step into the 21st century!  They have digtial viewing throughout their entire facility.  They have also taken advantage of Google Plus.

Most corporations don’t understand that when they refuse to change their marketing approach, they are usually marketing to a smaller and smaller crowd. There have been some funeral homes that have dove into making a Facebook place page.  I applaud the effort, but I don’t believe they realize that after the funeral, who is going to visit a Facebook page about dead people?  Some have even went after Twitter as well which I also believe is in vain.

I have also seen some companies spend large amounts on Google Ad Words and end up with very little to show in their bank accounts after the campaigns have been run.  Most of the funeral companies are not even screening through their negative keyword campaign to make sure they are not spending for advertising their funeral homes in another state.

What is even more troubling is the aspect that most funeral home companies have outdated websites if any at all.  What’s even worse is when a funeral business creates a new website, with all the video and slides, but don’t realize it takes forever to load the site and people click right off their site.   Secondly, when they do build these new websites, they don’t even pay attention to see if it will load on a mobile device.  Most of the funeral websites that I have seen look awful on a mobile.