Elite Financial Accounting Team Up With Bristol University

Through a partnership with the University of the West of England in Bristol, Elite Financial Accounting have confirmed they will once again be offering several accountancy work experience placements to UWE students over the 2014/15 academic year.

These work experience opportunities aidstudents with their course, allowing them to understand what goes on practically within an accountancy practice which they can relate back to the theory being learnt at university.

Elite Financial Accounting director Simon Jackson said

“We’ve had some very positive feedback from students that have taken part in previous work experience placements and it’s clear ithasassisted them to go on and find permanent roles after they finish their degree. We work closely with the university to ensure all work carried out at our firm is relevant to the students course and criteriaallowing students to gain a greater grasp of their subject and modules”

The work undertaken focuses mainly on bookkeeping, payroll , tax returns seems to be popular with Bristol Lecturer Dr AylwinYafele.

“Our students that have taken up work experience with Elite Financial Accounting report that the staff there are very friendly and open. This is a meaningful work experience opportunity, which is usually a first foray into the world of accounting and finance.  Students will observe and get involved in a wide range of tasks. This will undoubtedly not only motivate them but also help them to understand the sector and make firm career decisions. Finally, this opportunity boosts the prospects for successful graduate role applications as most accounting graduate recruiters prioritise applicants with practical experience. We are proud to partner with Elite Financial Accounting.”