Essex TV ‘struggling To Cope’ With Filming Requests A Source Admits

Can too much of a good thing really be that bad? Most people like sweets, and it’s common knowledge that too many sweets can have a bad effect, both immediate and long term, but to be honest sweets aren’t all good anyway. Let’s take water, water is definitely through-and-through good, so is too much water bad? Probably. If rumours are taken to be true, then ETV are facing this question head on as they deal with a “shedload” of filming requests that make them seem all but a skeleton crew.

Too much of this good thing can be very bad indeed for ETV, if they can’t handle filming requests, then they risk losing the quality of their programming, which could then lead to viewers leaving the platform they once regarded as high quality. In any case, whatever may be going on internal doesn’t seem to have affected things externally, as positive ratings continue to come in.

ETV have also recently hired Content Manager Jay Connor, and part of his role will be sorting through the filming requests so this hire is sure to help ease the tide. It all points to a good sign though; individuals are buying into ETV, and want a piece of the pie. If handled correctly, ETV, could become one of the most respected supporters of independent content in Essex, the UK and beyond, rising to the levels of the likes of MTV at their peak.

There is a long road ahead, filled with its own challenges, and how ETV handles the filming requests going ahead into the future will shape their response to other challenges to come. In some respects, having too much of a good thing is as big of a problem as having nothing of a good thing at all, and the two are quite interchangeable.

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