The Buyer’s Guide To Bike Trailers: What Are The Main Types?

Are you looking for a convenient way to move your motorcycle around? Look no more. Bike trailers are a great option when it comes to your vehicle’s transportation. If it meets the necessary standards and requirements, choose and buy one. There are many different types of trailers, and it can be pretty difficult to pick the right one for you. This is why we have gathered the most popular motorcycle trailers on the market.

Main Types of Bike Trailers

Choosing the best way to haul your motorcycle can be hard, especially because there are dozens of bike trailers to sort from. You must know exactly what your bike type requires, depending on its size, weight, and more. Also, trailers are not very cheap. Even though you can buy one for just a few hundred dollars, their prices can reach up to 11,000 dollars.

Open Flatbed Trailers

This type of trailers is not specially made for motorbikes. They can carry different things, with a general purpose. The main advantage of buying a flatbed trailer is the possibility to transport almost anything you want with it.

Some people like to use it for work purposes during the week, and for pleasure and hobbies on the weekends. If you are a contractor, you can do this too. On the downside, using this type of trailer doesn’t guarantee the safety of the bike. The lack of cover might expose the towed vehicle to external factors such as gravel and more.

Open Rail-Type Trailers

These towing vehicles are specially crafted for motorcycles. Some of them can even haul two bikes at the same time. However, they are similar to open flatbeds in the sense that they do not offer a lot of protection for your bike. There are two main advantages when it comes to open rail-type trailers: they are less expensive than other models, and they are light weighted.

If you don’t have too much space to deposit the trailer, you can find a foldable or semi-foldable open rail-type. Some even carry the possibility of disassembling them. No matter what model you choose, make sure it’s easy to use and your bike will fit perfectly on it.

Enclosed Trailers

Whether you need a trailer that has a general utility or one specially customized for sports vehicles, make sure you avoid tow truck scams. You should keep this in mind especially when your bike has a flat tire or breaks down, and you need to call a tow truck company.

The reason described above is one of the things that proves that you should buy your own bike trailer, instead of renting one. Enclosed trailers are heavier and more expensive, but depending on their size, they can even have room for a bed, a toilet, and more. So, it might be well worth it to invest a little extra and avoid problems from the start.

Specialized Enclosed Trailers

If you’re a bike lover, you want your precious motorcycle to be safe at all times during transportation. These trailers are created for bikers who care about their vehicles and who want their motorcycles to receive special treatment.

Specialized enclosed trailers are among the most expensive towing devices, but they also offer some unique features to a small market niche. Some of them are made of fiberglass, with an aerodynamic shape, and they can fit in a normal garage.

Putting It All Together

If you love your bike, you will want to take it everywhere you go. The most important issue is to travel with your motorcycle while keeping it safe and in proper conditions. For this to happen, you will need a bike trailer. As you can see, there are many options to choose from, ranging from simple flatbeds to complex enclosed models.

If you have the necessary budget, the best thing to do is to buy your own bike trailer. Before purchasing it, you need to consider some factors such as the size, shape, and weight of your motorcycle. After that, it’s comfortable and safe riding ahead.

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