Purchase Wireline Tools And Equipment At Best Prices

In gas and oil industry, the term wireline normally refers to the cabling technology used by the operators of gas and oil wells to the measurement devices and lower equipment into the well for purposes of the pipe recovery, reservoir evaluation and well intervention. The tools are inserted into a well for both logging efforts and work over, slick lines and wire lines are similar devices. While the slack line is the thin cable into the well to retrieve and to deliver tools down hole, the wireline is the electrical cable used to the lower tools into and to transmit data about conditions of well bore called as the wire line logo.

Normally consist of the braided cables and wire lines are used to perform the wire line logging as well. Braided line will contain the inner core of the insulated wires which offer power to tool situated at end of cable, usually referred to the electric line, and offers the pathway for electrical telemetry for communication between equipment and surface at the end of a cable.

Normally, the wireline tools are designed instruments lowered into the good bore on end of the wireline cable. They are separately designed to offer any number of specific services includes a location of casing collars, evaluation of rock properties, sample recovery, fluid identification, information regarding pore size, formation pressures and much more. The modern and latest wireline tools and equipment will be extremely complicated and are frequently engineered to withstand harsh conditions such as those are found in lots of modern gas, oils, and geothermal wells.

The pressure in the gas well will exceed thirty thousand psi, while the temperature will exceed five hundred deg Fahrenheit in some of the geothermal wells. A carcinogenic or corrosive gas includes hydrogen sulfide will also to have occurred in the down hole. To reduce an amount of time running in well, lots of wireline tools are repeatedly joined together and run continuously in the tool string that will be thousands of feet long and weigh is higher than the 5000 lbs.

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