What Next Microsoft Studios Going To Introduce In Gaming Market?

Gaming Market

Microsoft Studios, established in 2002, is a segment of Microsoft Corporation which is responsible for the development of games for its gaming console Xbox, Xbox 360 and also for Windows PC and phone platforms. Microsoft Xbox was released in 2001, as a competitor to Sony’s Playstation. After the success of the famous Xbox and it’s successor Xbox 360 ( released in 2005), Microsoft has announced it’s an 8th generation gaming console on May 2013, The Xbox One.

The manufacturers have described this product as an “all-in-one entertainment system for a new generation”.

The new design :
The upcoming Xbox One has been designed quite different from its predecessor Xbox 360. Microsoft says that it has used a “new concept” to design this upcoming gaming console.

Specifications :

1. The Xbox One will be launched with a 500 GB internal hard disk, 8 GB DDR3 RAM.

2. A Blu-ray optical drive is a great add on, which could be used to play both games and movies.

3. It will offer you with a Wi-Fi, Ethernet, optical out and USB 3.0 connectivity.

4. It will have an HDMI-out port and an additional HDMI-in port to interface the Xbox with set top boxes, enabling the user to watch television.

5. The controller is pretty much same as that in the Xbox 360 except a few changes like a redesigned D-pad and thumb stick.

– Kinect : Xbox One will have a built in Kinect functionality. To turn on the console, you just need to say the words “Xbox on” !

– Personalization : The new Xbox One can be turned on simply by walking over and talking to it. The console will turn on in a second and guiding you to a personalized home screen where you can access your personal music and movies and save games.

– Price : The Xbox One will cost around $499/£429 on its release in the U.S and UK.