Benefits Of Using Wireless ATM Machines

The latest technological advancements in the recent times have revolutionized the future of cash machines and pulled the plug on obsolete analog phone lines. With the intention of decreasing costs while boosting safety and transaction speed, more and more vendors are turning to wireless ATM machines and the outcome has been pretty encouraging. The companies engaged in ATM machines business supply customers with exclusive wireless ATMs at assured lowest wholesale prices and provide with wireless ATM processing requirements, including steady reporting of ATM working.

If you run a business or a store where you use high-speed internet for processing credit card transactions, you will probably save more money by installing wireless ATMs.  

Here are some benefits of using wireless ATM Machines:

  • Enhanced transaction speed:

Wireless ATM service allows for enhanced data transfer speeds therefore, transactions can take place much faster. ATM customers are not willing to wait for long and want machines that can process transactions speedily. In such situations, a wireless machine connection could be of immense help. Most modern ATMs are equipped to perform transactions at significantly faster speeds than a traditional phone can support.   With transaction speeds of less than 10 seconds from new wireless ATMs, you are bound to get more repeat customers.

  • Reliability:

A wireless ATM machine can process transactions consistently without errors. The mobile data connection that never goes offline can ensure reliability. Keep your customers happy with a dependable data connection as the wireless device saves plenty of time that is otherwise expended on troubleshooting ATM transmission errors.

  • Cost-effective:

The usual analog phone lines can cost over $60 a month but wireless plans cost no more than half this amount. You can save over $400 every year on a single machine and if you run 100 ATMs, this cost can go up to a substantial $40,000 annually.

  • Safety of data:

Wireless ATMs employs SSL encryption to safeguard transaction data of your customers. The ATMs can be managed remotely through safe VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).

  • Re-locate ATMs at different sites:

If you own a company that deals in organizing events or conventions where you have to re-deploy the ATMs depending on the locations, wireless ATM service is just apt for you. Plug the wireless unit into a power source and an ATM, connect the transmitter and your ATM is all set to communicate.

If you are planning to install a new ATM machine for your business, then choose a wireless connection so your customers can take advantage of enhanced transaction speed and data security while you are not burdened with additional costs and hassles of maintaining an analog line. You can contact the ATM machine companies who can give you a fair idea about your options when buying a wireless ATM, and even help you choose a machine that is just right for your company. You can rely on their wireless processing services to gain a real-time access to meticulous transaction histories and latest cash vault levels so you will always be aware of the status of your wireless machine. 

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