Manual Timesheets Vs Time Tracking Software

Time tracking is crucial for both big and small businesses, as it serves as an effective means of keeping track of employee’s time in and out, as well as performance. For this purpose, manual timesheets have been in use since many years; however time tracking software is the new trend which businesses are adopting all over the world. Take a look for yourself at the points mentioned below to find out which of these two is better and why.

Accuracy should be the goal if you want to correctly measure your employee’s performance. However, this is seldom possible as inaccuracies, whether intended or otherwise, are common in the case of manual timesheets. Conversely, time tracking software uses employee fingerprints and thus ensures complete accuracy of the data entered.

The time spent on manually filling out the timesheets is far more and affects the efficiency of workers. Recording their schedule of an entire day or week distracts the employees from their actual job, thus affecting their performance and output. This problem can be avoided by opting for time tracking software, as most of the work is done by the system itself.

Safety of the records is certainly more in the case of automated time tracking system, as compared to manual timesheets. The risk of losing or damaging the timesheets is always there, which can prove to be a major setback for the company when it comes to checking working hours of employees, allocating vacations or deciding increments. Time tracking software keeps the data safe by recording and saving it in digital format and makes it easy to access for authorised personnel, as and when required.

Advent of simple and easy to use time tracking software has today replaced the time consuming and complicated manual timesheets, thus proving to be a safe, time saving and efficient alternative for business owners.

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