Store It! A Safe And Convenient Place For Your Storage Needs

Are you looking for storage rental space in Singapore? What Store It offers? Store It is a storage rental service in Singapore offers professional storage to businesses and individuals. They offer well-lit, well-ventilated storage spaces and full flexibility as to how and when you use your storage space. You can store items for as little as 14 days and for as long as is needed. Individuals wishing to store some items can do so and only pay for space they may need. Businesses that have excess inventory or extra items can also store their items in flexible business storage facilities. Free Car parking facility and loading bays are available for goods vehicles. The first month is rent free. The location is convenient near MRT stations and Expressway. In this storage space in Singapore, safety and security are assured with unique pin code use available, fire protection system and individually alarmed rooms. Monthly pest control is also provided.

What you should do

Choose a Store It! location most convenient to you. You will have access to it round the clock, 365 days a year. Choose a space that suits you. For example, if you have valuables, retro furniture etc. choose an aircon space. Both aircon and no aircon spaces are provided. You need to choose the size of the space you need depending on the amount of stuff you have. They have very small spaces and very large ones too, as much as 280sq.ft. The Store It storage space in Singapore has a size estimator online to assist you if you cannot decide on the size of the room you will need or alternatively you can visit the center and the staff would be able to help you. A deposit that is equal to one month’s rent excluding GST is all that is required to reserve your space. Once you begin to store in your space, this amount will go into your account as a security deposit which is refunded, if required.

Using the facility

You can obtain the right size and quality of storage boxes on the purchase at the center and a padlock and insurance. Once you are ready you can move in and store your items. You would be able to manage your account online at the storage website. You can upsize or downsize your storage space at any time depending on the nature of your contract when signing up and on the accessibility of units. Only 14 days termination notice is required and you will be refunded the amount of rent for the time you have not used the space along with your security deposit. Use Store It! A safe and convenient place for your storage needs.

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