What To Do And What Not To Do When Buying A Car

People buy cars all over the world; some buy a new whereas some would be looking at old cars to buy. Those who are looking for new cars would know what to expect. The people looking for old cars do not have knowledge as to what to look for when buying a car. Taking a step back from the usual topics that you have read before, I am going to give you some pointers or a list of what to do and what not to do when buying a car.

All the people who buy cars could not be having the ability to speak car-and-driver so it is always good to do a bit of homework. But why homework, you ask, so I tell; when ever you are going on a shopping spree, you will surely go through some catalogues to get a gist of the latest fashion trends. Same is the case with cars, only cars cost you more than a hand bag. You should know a bit about them before actually getting one.

You could start your search online, most of the significant dealers, buyers and sellers, have websites or some kind of a mention online. If the dealers that you are contacting do not have a website, I would recommend doing a strong back ground check.

You should search for cars on the web and note their prices, specifications, models and brands. Take a look at the other models from the same year and find out what the average price would be.

Decide on a specific amount that you can afford to spend at the present time. It is quite easy to be attracted to something that is way beyond your reach. Do not do that. Set your mind to a particular thing, that would be the best for you and with in your price range and get that.

You could always look for a better option but if you come across something amazing, something that would be too good to be true, you will have to be careful as to what you would get yourself dragged into. You could never a get a bargain that would be hard to believe.

You should look at the history of the car that you are going to buy. You would need to know the full service history or what is most commonly referred to as the FSH of the car. This would ensure that the car your spending on is worth it and has been carefully looked after.

Get the car properly looked at. Get some one professional to check your car for you. With paying such an easily affordable amount on getting the car checked, you could save a much bigger amount that would be wasted if you do not get the car properly looked at. It’s always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Then there are a few things that you could get checked in just a single glance. It would be better to take a mechanic friend along. When checking the car, keep the following points in mind.

    • Check the wheel arches or other such places for rust spots or the spots that would have been filled.
    • Check the tires properly. Worn tires could possibly be the reason for the discount.
    • Check the doors, windows and the bonnet. If they are not as smoothly opened and closed, there would have to be something wrong with them.
    • Check the coolant, power steering and oil. Make sure that the car was well looked after. Make sure that all the controls are working properly, like vents, switches, heating, the air conditioning and the sun roof (if any).
    • Check the sun roof for leakage.
    • Make sure to take the car on a test drive and not let the dealer take it out for a warm up. As you start it up, make sure to listen for any rattles.
    • Check if the car has been painted again due to some kind of a damage that you were not informed of earlier.
    • Be sure to only view a car when it is dry. If the car is wet, your probably would not notice if the paint is redone and is not the exact same shade.
  • Do some effort and find out if the car has been stolen or not. You could do this by checking the registration number and other papers related to the car.

Keeping all of the above mentioned pointers, you could get a car that would work the best for you and be well with in your range.

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