Things to Discuss with Your Driving Instructor

Driving Instructor

Tips for Driving Lesson Success

You cover so much during your driving lessons, but your instructor is there to guide you through the process and help you as much as possible – especially if you book with a provider of driving lessons Ipswich learners trust. Here are things to discuss with them during your journey to passing your test.

Your Goals and Expectations

Start by discussing your goals and expectations for your driving lessons – both in the long and short term. Whether you’re looking to pass your test as soon as possible or you want to hone a specific skill, your instructor can tailor the lessons to suit your needs.

The Lesson Plan

It’s important to understand the structure of each of your driving lessons. Discuss the topics that will be covered in each lesson and how what you will learn that day will equip you with the skills you need to drive safely and efficiently.

Driving Techniques

Your driving instructor will teach you essential driving techniques, such as steering, braking and accelerating. Ask for demonstrations and guidance on proper techniques to ensure you develop the right driving habits from the very start.

Rules of The Road

Understanding the rules of the road is vital for safe driving. Discuss various traffic rules, road signs and right-of-way etiquette with your instructor. Be sure to clarify any doubts you have about specific traffic situations before your test!

Defensive Driving Skills

Defensive driving is about anticipating and avoiding potential hazards on the road. Ask your instructor to talk you through defensive driving techniques such as maintaining a safe following distance and reacting to unexpected situations correctly.

Driving in Different Conditions

Discuss driving in various weather conditions and environments, including rain, snow, fog and after dark. Understanding how different conditions affect road grip and visibility will help you become a much more skilled and capable driver.

Parking and Manoeuvring

Parking and manoeuvring skills are essential for navigating car parks and the roads. You should ask your driving instructor to go through the following manoeuvres with you, as any one of them could crop up on your test:
Parallel parking at the side of the road
Parking in a parking bay – either by driving in and reversing out, or reversing in and driving out
Pulling up on the right-hand side of the road, reversing for around 2 car lengths, and rejoining the traffic

Handling Emergency Situations

Be prepared to discuss how to handle emergency situations, such as a blown tyre, engine failure, or encountering an aggressive driver. Knowing how to react calmly and responsibly can prevent accidents and ensure your safety on the road.

Preparation for the Driving Test

Everyone wants to pass their test as soon as possible, and you should ask your instructor how to give yourself the best chances on the day. They will tell you what to expect during the test, along with common mistakes to avoid and tips for staying calm and focused.

You’re All Set

Honest, open communication with your driving instructor is key to getting the most out of your driving lessons. With this handy guide, you now know what to ask them!

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