Visionaire EC – A Modern And Classy Executive Townhouse!

The Visionaire EC is made alongside famous Canberra Plaza and is a business space. It is mainly used for the enhancements of F&B. Equipped with amazing complete offices and associated with play area for youngsters; this space gives a great feel to inhabitants. It also incorporates a clubhouse, indoor health club, a house for watchman, swimming pool, tennis court, BBQ pits and sun deck. Hence, it is a real instance of modernity and luxury.

This visionaire EC townhouse is actually a heavenly feel as all the offices of this place serve complete family diversion which a family requires. Go there along with your close and dear family members and have a quality time with peace and experience a new way of life.

It is a prominent townhouse where four room pads are in high demand as there are 399 applications already furnished; however total numbers of units available are just 1,229. To get access to this townhouse, it is a right time to avail visionaire pricing that will help you making your purchase decision.

As per experts, the best thing about this home that appeals individuals is the beautiful focal region. Many Sembawang candidates are interested in anticipating these pads which are being provided independently in Bidadari. However, another reputed investigator has a great trust on this newly built home as they considers it a great offer of this time, considering it a real Singapore Bishan.

The visionaire pricing may look a bit higher in comparison to many condominium executives, yet it is affordable. The best part about visionaire EC is its proximity to the famous MRT station as one does not need to hire any bus to be there. In the beginning of 2016, the sale of visionaire ec has started and hence, you can also get thorough visionaire pricing from here.

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