Drumroll: A New Time-Saving Innovation For Industrial Businesses

In industrial workplaces, ratchet straps can be the source of much time-wasting and frustration. When employees are unloading in a hurry, these straps can be left in a tangled mess, and take a considerable amount of time to sort out. Fortunately, an innovative new device is on the way that seeks to provide a solution to this problem. DrumRoll is an easy-to-use invention can provide quick, effortless strap-rolling. It’s been heralded as the next big workplace tool.

Large, 50 mm ratchet strap DrumRolls are currently in production, and the distributor has already begun to take orders. Smaller 25 mm DrumRolls are also in the works, but require completely different distribution channels, so they’re being financed via the crowdfunding network Kickstarter. ‘I really hope crowdfunding works, because I have so many ideas to explore,’ says Llloyd Nornes, the brains behind the product. ‘I love to see my ideas turn in to useful products that people can enjoy.’

DrumRoll is a simple yet highly effective idea that could potentially save workers from having to dedicate substantial periods of time to the boring menial task of untangling straps. In the industrial workplace, time is money, so it could also potentially increase companies’ profits as well. It’s undoubtedly one of the most inventive products Kickstarter has seen this year, and looks destined for great things.


Will it live up to our expectations of it? Only time will tell. Sometimes, a product seems great on paper, but fails to deliver when it comes to the crunch. One thing is for certain: whether it achieves its goal or not, it marks a step towards improved efficiency regarding ratchet straps, which is an area in which time saving could potentially bring about great gains. We’re personally looking forward to seeing how well it deals with this issue.

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