How To Create An Attention Grabbing Flyer

Flyers are one of the most inexpensive yet most effective ways to attract the attention of an array of individuals in a busy square or marketplace. But with so many other flyers often vying for that attention, it can be difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd. Below are six tips that will help you create flyers that will not only be beautiful, but will engage everyone who views it:

  1. Create an Interesting Title or Headline

The headline is where the eyes of all passer-bys will first fall and will either make or break the effectiveness of your flyer. Depending on the purpose of the flyer and what it is representing or advertising, one will want to make the headline be one of the following:

  • Memorable (i.e. by citing an event, using rhyming schemes, comparisons, etc.)
  • Unusual
  • Provocative
  • Ask a question

The best headlines are those which make use of powerful words that inspire readers to action. Some of these words include:

  • Free
  • Bonus
  • Discover
  • Proven
  • Essential
  • Secret
  • Strange
  • Easy

As a final note on headlines, avoid typing them out in all capital letters. While this may make your flyer stand out, it gives the reader the impression that THEY ARE BEING SHOUTED AT.

  1. Use Well-Placed Bright Colours

As pretty as pastels can be, in order to capture the attention of eyes from yards away it is essential that bright and bold colours are used on your flyers. Keep in mind that certain colours may evoke certain reactions or emotions. This can work against you or be used to your advantage. For example, the colour red is interpreted by some to mean love, passion, power and vitality. Others may feel angry when seeing the colour or it may bring about images of death.

Another important point to be made about colour is that its placement can either distract or attract readers to your message. Brunel One online flyer printers offer a multitude of tones and colours to cater to the needs of any business or event. Be mindful when injecting any colour into your message and consider how it can be used to your advantage. Contrasting colours can be incredibly engaging when used effectively on a flyer.

  1. Write for the Reader

The worst material that is created for an audience is one that is all about the writer. Rather than write messages that contain the words “we”, “our” and “us”, focus on the reader. How is what you’re offering going to benefit the reader? Write using the words “you” and “your” and not “we” and “I”.

Keep in mind that your flyer is not meant to be a novel, but rather a quick informative piece. All content should be short, to the point, and whenever possible, include bullet points or lists. These lists should contain the most pertinent information about your business or event so that the reader can see it and memorize it quickly.

  1. Embrace White Space

Nothing is more cumbersome than a flyer loaded with information that runs from margin to margin. Your page should be broken down into sections through the use of borders, boxes, graphics and colours. White space is particularly welcomed by the reader as it will help certain elements of your flyer stand out as well as make the flyer reader-friendly.

  1. Don’t Skimp on the Proofreading

You are trying to make an impression with absolute strangers. Step one in accomplishing this: proofread your work. Even a transposed letter (“yoru” versus “your”) or a grammatical error will have many questioning the legitimacy of your flyer.

Having a spelling and grammar-proofed copy tells the reader that you are serious about the information being presented and have taken the time to thoughtfully put it together. When possible, ask for a second and even a third set of eyes to go over your flyer. This will confirm the readability of the flyer as well as ensure that it is error-free.

  1. Be Original

With all of the above tips taken into consideration, the flyers that will work the hardest for you are those that are original. Forget the Arial and Times New Roman fonts. Be adventurous and choose a font which you believe reflects the event you’re throwing or the business you have. Play around with graphic placement, opt for different colours, and don’t be afraid to be different.

Brunel One allows a minimum order of 50 flyers. What many businesses and event holders do is order two completely separate and differently designed batches of 50 flyers. They then distribute these flyers throughout the community and ask people which flyer they feel is the most engaging to them. Based on those responses, they will then order more copies of the most attractive style of flyer.

Other Flyer Creation Considerations

Before you venture off and start creating your flyer, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Be Stingy With Your Fonts: Some flyers may do well with a parade of different fonts appearing on their paper. For the most part, one or two fonts or typeface are all that you will need. Choose fonts that are not boring but do make sure that they are easy to read at a reasonable distance.
  • Make Your Flyer Time Sensitive: Marketers know that the best marketing materials are those which include some form of “call to action”. By making the offer or event time sensitive, (i.e. purchase your tickets now to receive 25%) you will inspire the readers to action. By including a coupon or a tear-away section at the bottom of each flyer, you may also be able to get a sense for how many individuals have viewed the flyer, and how many are likely to attend the event or visit your establishment.
  • Consider QR Codes: Many of your readers will be zipping by your flyer and may not have enough time to stop and read it. Consider creating a QR code (there are many free products that will help you with this on the web) and include that with your flyer so those in a hurry can snap a picture and read the details later.

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