Top Reasons To Hire Professional And Reliable Temp Agencies Dallas For Recruitment

You can hire the services of any recruitment agency but to be sure that your recruitment and the potential for further recruitments are not jeopardized, you should always rely on a reliable and professional recruitment agency. There has been an agreement amongst the tech giants to fixthe market of highly skilled workers and not to steal employees of each other. While most of the temp agencies Dallas are worthy and reliable there are a few that recruiting agencies that keep dirty little secrets as well. You should be aware of such tactics and avoid those agencies that follow such practices.

No Poaching Principle

The secret practices in the modus operandi of the recruiters may compel you to think at times whether your recruiter deliberately steeredyou towards a specific job instead of another. Other questions about equal consideration with in-house recruiters and outsiders, whether your resume is really kept on file and poaching activities, are also very common. In a few instances a few companies will deliberately hire third-party aggressive recruiters to prevent stealing of staff and award ‘no poaching’ clauses to good recruiters. That means the recruiter will not source candidates from other clients as it is bad for the business.

The Placement Rate

Most recruiters follow the market trend every minutely and whenever there is an increase in demand as compared with the supply they will increase their placement rates and commissions. They will give candidates to companies that offer lucrative placement service fees or those that offers a very competitive basic salary. Most recruiter will not be interested in a flat fee as it will not align with their interest. Therefore, always ask whether the recruiting agency charges on a flat fee basis or as a percentage of the base salary. In most of the cases these recruiting agencies that represent both companies and candidates will encourage you to take up deals that are easy to close or will benefit them.

Opening Of The Job

There may a few jobs that are not open to the outsiders even if it is posted in the company’s website or on the job board. Ideally, most of the companies follow a principle of holding 30 to 35 percent of the job openings for the internal candidates as well as for the recent college graduates. Add to this there are referred candidates as well that receives first preference. All this makes a very small percentage of jobs really open for the outsiders who have no connections with the company whatsoever.

A Few Other Concerns

Usually, all recruiters like to work with fresh candidates. They also often forget to update the status of your application in the system and therefore your name does not come up when other recruiters search for names in the database. Few recruiters follow activity quotas such as interviews and resume submittals and most recruiters scan these for keywords. You may even be locked out for six to twelve months when a recruiter submits your resume. Therefore, hire a reliable recruiter always.

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