Top 10 Recruitment Platforms

In the current era, the use of online platforms to access both employers and employees has made it inevitable for all firms to go online. While there are many platforms to choose from, the ten on our list are the best ones to look to each time you seek recruitment.

  • Reflik – One of the most vibrant platforms at the moment is Reflik. It links many people in the recruitment arena using an easy to use platform. Thesetwo aspects, combined with its wide use in the industry, make it the first on our list of the best platforms.
  • PeopleFluent – Using PeopleFleunt is both easy and very beneficial to the user. It also has an easy to use interface that makes it one of our top platforms in the recruitment arena. It is also favored for the way it creates many connections between its users like Facebook does.
  • Ascendify -Ascendify is meant help you ascend the ladder in your field with ease. With the right use of the platform, one can have a stunning profile that will attract many potential recruiters that offer greatly rewarding careers. Using it is also very easy owing to the easy to navigate interface.
  • LinkedIn – When people are asked about recruitment platforms, the first name that comes to mind is LinkedIn. It could easily be our top priority but the others are equally good. With an interface that is very easy to use to find the potential candidates you need.
  • Lever – While Lever employs the same approach used by the other recruitment platforms in working like social networks, it also has a browser plugin that allows for the change of the sites into favorable updates into one’s ATS. This aspect earns it a slot on the ten best recruitment platforms.
  • Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing Cloud Service -This platform leverages on the capabilities of Oracle to automate the recruiting process for those who employ it to find candidates and employers. All an employer does is send out the requirements for the candidate they need then the platform searches the best in the pool to fit the position.
  • Greenhouse – What makes this platform stand out from the crowd is the fact that it allows for the harnessing of big data analytics to find the right candidates according to the needs of the employers.
  • iCIMS -iCIMS is known for creating some of the best integrations with social media sites including the ability to turn simple social media postings into viable job profiles. The use of analytics makes it one of the best. It is also created with the ease of use by anyone to allow them focus on the job at hand.
  • Glassdoor – While Glassdoor is not a piece of software as such, it allows many firms to create a profile which enables them to capture the correct candidates using the capabilities of the software. The platform is also one of the most improved from the time it was launched.
  • Entelo Search – Many of the candidates have various platforms to which they send their personal information. To find the information an employer needs, they would have to employ the tools offered by Entelo Search. This platform scours the net for information on the candidate in their various platforms to bring you the results.

With these platforms, one is sure of finding the right employers and employees without ever going wrong. They are all professional and easy to use. Most of the people using them have high chances of getting hired especially when they have positioned themselves well.

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