Quality Outsourced Laundry Services Reduce Expenses In Hotels

Housekeeping and laundry are two services that cannot be ignored in a hotel. Oftentimes, however, these two crucial services are placed at the bottom of the list when it comes to priorities. When it comes to taking care of your laundry needs, it normally is best to outsource the service. Whilst in-house services are easily accessible, a quality linen service provider offers a good deal of convenience for the money you invest.

Make Sure You Establish Clear and Concise Guidelines

Processing your laundry in-house may allow you to retain control of the process, but a reputable laundry provider ensures consistency. When choosing a laundry contractor though, you still have to feel confident that the standards you expect will be ongoing and be maintained. You also have to factor in the time that is needed to inspect your laundry deliveries. Therefore, you need to establish clear and concise guidelines and terms at the beginning of the process.

Are You Receiving the Service You Expect by Keeping the Laundry In-House?

In order to make a choice for outsourcing, you need to factor in your operational costs and capital as part of the review process. Check out how much you spend on water usage by managing your laundry in-house. You also have to factor in the amount you spend on hiring workers. Are you receiving the best service whilst keeping your operational costs low?

The Pros and Cons of Doing the Laundry In-House

When you manage laundry in-house or own the linen, you select your own quality of linen, thereby avoiding the rental costs. You also have to do your own stock takes. However, any linen that is damaged and needs replacement has a cost implication.

Making the Choice for Outsourced Service

If you choose to outsource your linen, you do not have to do your own stock takes. Any rejected linen is replaced. Therefore, the company you choose will play a major role in how you meet your cost and laundry objectives. If you currently use an outsource that delivers linen late or has you tied into a long-term contract, you need to find another firm for your linen hire.

The Company Should Offer an Array of Services

Choose a company that places the needs of the client first, regardless of your laundry requirements. Make sure the supplier has a long list of satisfied customers. If you manage a hotel with a restaurant facility, then using a laundry provider can be a convenient way to make sure all your linen requirements are met.

The Company Should Work with Establishments of All Sizes

Select a company that provides a premium range of chef’s ware and kitchen cloths as well as crisp and white bed linens, fluffy towels, and crisp table linens. They should regularly cater to hotels, bars, cafes, and restaurants and have a solid and long-lasting reputation in the industry. Make sure the company works with establishments of all sizes so they can meet your particular linen and laundry needs.

A company that provides laundry services for businesses should be well-experienced in the hospitality industry. That means the firm should be well-aware of the standards set for hygiene. They should make sure that you, your employees, and your customers are pleased with their apparel and linen offerings.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Customer

When you are considering contracting a linen service, you must think about your customer first. After all, we all have walked into a hotel room wondering what to expect. If the bed linens do not look clean and comfortable, then we might re-think our hotel stay or visit. Therefore, you want to make sure that the outsource company you choose can provide linen and bedding that is of a high quality and is inviting to behold.

Are the Towels Luxurious and Thick?

The same expectation of quality goes for the towels that are provided for the bathroom. Towels should be luxurious and thick and neatly presented. Therefore, the idea is to make sure that your hotel guests are well-pleased when they walk in their rooms.

Ensure the Complete Satisfaction of Your Guests

The linen service you choose then should make regularly quality control checks. They should also provide linens and towels made of the highest quality of linen. Make sure the service you select can offer the type of linens that will ensure the complete satisfaction of your guests.

Can the Service Adapt to Business Changes?

An outsource company should also be able to adapt to the changing needs of your business. Whether you wish to scale down or increase your laundry service needs, it should be able to meet your requirements. If you want to get the most of a linen and laundry service then, make sure it features all-inclusive services and is flexible in its offerings.

All hotels go through peak seasons and quiet times. Therefore, you want your linen requirements to accommodate the season. Customers should be offered the flexibility to decrease or increase their stock levels at any time.

Does the Linen Service Have a No-Contract Policy?

A no-contract policy is also an attractive feature. You should never be tied into any long-term contract. When a company does not tie you into a long-term agreement, you are more likely to stay as a customer. Instead, the company should focus on providing high-quality products and an unparalleled standard of service.

The Service Should Offer Free Exchanges

You should also be able to make free exchanges, if necessary. For example, if you redecorate and want a different-coloured table linen, you should be able to make a switch. In addition, make sure that the provider offers laundry and linen services that feature upfront fees. You should never be surprised with any additional expenses or residual charges.

A Positive and Budget-Friendly Experience

First-class service and impeccably presented products, along with a high measure of quality control, will make hiring a laundry service a positive and budget-friendly experience. If you find one that meets these prerequisites, you should to contact them directly to obtain a quote enquiry.

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