Things Your Blog Might Be Missing

It is not wrong to say that blogging is in the air. It is because most people like to write blogs to share the information or knowledge possessed by them. Since some people might be new to guest blogging or blogger outreach, therefore, they might be missing certain things in their blogs. Such people are advised to follow SEO Guidelines so that their blogs may also get noticed and published on leading websites. Here are some of the common things that your blog might be missing.

Social links- Any blog is incomplete without links to the social platforms you are a part of. Some people forget to insert such icons or links on their web pages that might disappoint the readers. Also, you can use many social media management platforms available to manage social media accounts or icons on blog site should always be working.

Mode of contacting- It is also referred to as contact form in the online world. Large numbers of blogs have contact form missing that makes it difficult for the readers as well as other companies to contact you for certain tasks relevant to blogging.

Keywords– Although you may be writing the most excellent blogs for various websites however your blogs may still go unnoticed. It may be due to lack of keywords in your blogs. It is perhaps one of the most important SEO tips to insert keywords and highlight the same so that your blogs may appear in top lists in SEO rankings.

Images or pictures– Use of correct words and pictures is important for an effective blog. But lack of relevant pictures or images in your blog may make it totally useless. It is because blogs that have pictures are most liked and leave a long lasting impression on the readers.

These are some of the most common things that are missing in large numbers of blogs and especially for such bloggers who are new to this field. To make your blog successful and the first choice of readers, always remember to incorporate these things into your blog.

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