The Top 4 Benefits Of PM Qualifications

Project management is an amazing career to have, gaining a certification is a great way to enhance that career, or indeed, give it a kick start. Here are nine amazing reasons why.

So, you’re interested in becoming a project manager OR you’re already a PM, and you’re interested in getting some seriously hardcore certification to prove how amazing you are. Regardless of your reason for considering a certification you must have heard that they are hard to get. A lot of project management courses are really difficult. They are all worth it, because what you get at the end is a serious notch on your belt. You can hold your head up high and let everyone and anyone know you really do know your stuff, whether you opt for the APM Project Fundamentals Qualification or one of the more advanced level accreditations such as the APM RPP . But that is all without addressing the real issue which is again, the fact that they are very difficult to obtain – hence the fact employers truly value people who have them. So with that in mind, you really do need to know if it is all worth it in the end, otherwise you just won’t stick it out. Those who complete project management training usually really, really want to complete the course.

To help you make that final plunge, we have written these top nine amazing benefits to gaining a PM certification:

  1. You Stand Out

Project management is a quickly increasing industry. Many companies are actively making room for the PM position, which obviously means more and more people are training, which inevitably means more competition. Don’t let that put you off – this gives you a chance to shine, especially with your PM certification. If you have your project management training and your competitors don’t – you are the one with the edge.

  1. New Ways To Network

By opting for project management training you get into two new ponds of people. You get to enjoy speaking with all the people training with you and all the people who have the certification. Basically you gain two massive sets of people to network with. Each of those people could have a benefit such as friendship, support, information, outsourcing information, referrals, job positions – the possibilities are endless. You should know by now that in project management, the more people you know the better.

  1. Inner-Confidence

As an aspiring project manager you no doubt already have a ton of confidence. A certification however, brings this to an entirely new level, a new way to strut your stuff. It is one thing telling people you know what you are doing, it is another having a certification that proves this is the case. Gaining a certification enables you to hold your head up even higher, and walk with complete confidence into any scenario.

  1. Skills

Obviously, getting a certification is not just about the badge of honour. A policeman would be useful if they had the police badge with no training right? The same goes with your project management training – you’re going to gain some serious skills. You will have an absolutely epic body of knowledge to tap into whenever you need it, and the sooner you get to practise doing that the better.

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