Proper Way Of Recycling Cardboard Boxes

The demand of cardboards in a worldwide scale is enormous because it is considered as a major component in different industries due to its reliability in storing, shipping and transporting products and another usage even in households.

For the last century the demand and usage of cardboard boxes have increased tremendously and coupled with the demand is also the problems that arise on its proper disposal and recycling process. Recycling is an essential move to protect the nature and the environment from solid waste pollution.

But good news, recycling cardboard boxes in the most developed country is at the high percentage, meaning the government and the private sector is serious in its conservation and sustainability efforts. There is a company that converts these recyclable materials into new products such as Gaylord Boxes, corrugated boxes and other types of boxes that can be used and recycled over again with the same amount of quality that brand new cardboard boxes possess.

Both the government and the private sectors have increased on its awareness campaign on the importance of recycling waste materials and one of it is the proper disposal and recycling of cardboard boxes.

The cardboard box itself is made up of 100-percent recycled material, mostly paper that is why there is a solid reason on why cardboard boxes should not be recycled or reused. More than a million tons of cardboard boxes are manufactured each year and more than half of this goes to recycling factories, could be used for other purposes and sadly the remaining goes to the dump sites that is why a lot of environmental organizations and private sectors as well as those who manufacture cardboard boxes promote sustainability efforts through proper recycling of this materials.

In order to recycle a cardboard box, it must be emptied first of its contents and remove any objects or substances like tapes and other stuff that sticks to it. Once it is cleaned up, cut it down into similar sizes so that it can easily be stored and transported to the nearest recycling center or easily handed over to the garbage collector. Starting to recycling waste is already a big help in saving Mother Nature and it can also create influence to your surrounding people like family, friends or children if you have any. In this way, you are encouraging them to be environmentally conscious and create a difference in this world.

According to environment oriented websites, recycling one tone of paper can save up to more than thirty trees and around 4,000-kilowatt per hour of energy and 270-liters of oil and can create a huge space in the garbage landfill. Unlike burning, recycling can help subside the carbon dioxide percentage in the atmosphere and it can help prevent climate change and global warming.

Recycling this can also save up manufacturing companies of cardboard boxes to save up a huge percentage of the materials that are used in making cardboard boxes. Most industries whether it’s for food processing, packaging and other industries that primarily uses cardboard boxes are using recycled cardboard boxes to help in sustaining the environment and also to save up money on purchasing new ones. It also has a lot of advantages in the community’s way in its efforts to become environmentally conscious.

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