Can The Crestron Home Automation System Be Integrated With Sonos?

If you are thinking about installing a Crestron Home Automation system into your home, or you have an existing installation, you may be wondering whether it is possible to integrate Crestron with Sonos.

Crestron systems are in fact able to integrate with Sonos systems. Both companies have recently collaborated together to ensure that the integration of both systems can proceed without a hitch. One of the UK’s most respected home automation installation services Custom Controls have confirmed that both systems integrate together well.

They commented that it is entirely possible to launch the Sonos app on your iPad within Crestron, which means you don’t need to switch apps. This increases the user-friendly nature of the systems working together instead of competing against each other. You can also make use of a Sire gateway if you would like to integrate Sonos onto an existing Crestron panel.

The Sonos ecosystem is a great way to enjoy music around your home in a way that offers a crystal clear listening experience. This experience is increased still further thanks to Crestron’s audio distribution.

It is also possible to use Sonnex technology, which is a high end premium audio distribution solution created by Crestron. Many of you will not have heard of this system before. What it does is that it groups different audio channels together and calibrates rooms with the possibility of adding sub-woofers to audio zones for a truly 21st century home music system.

The system can also be easily scaled up if required. As an example, Custom Controls recently completed a project in the UAE where they were able to install an incredible 72 zones of audio – with each zone being able to enjoy a wide variety of different audio sources and making use of Sonos.

We feel that the flexibility and the growing popularity of the Sonos system and the modern innovative home automation technology offered by Crestron work incredibly well together to bring your home into the technological age. We would highly recommend that you install both systems for your home.

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