How to Plan and Execute Your Office Removal

Moving your office to a different location is a complex endeavour and it requires planning and execution to successfully complete the relocation. If you have been given the task of moving your company office you would definitely need help from your colleagues and professional removalists since it is such a large undertaking. The key to the successful execution of an office removal is to have a small number of colleagues on your moving team who can influence and coordinate the rest of the employees and hiring a competent removalist company.

Plan the Removal (6 Steps)

Step 1: The idea tip is starting early. You should start planning at least 12 months before the date of removal.

Step 2: Creating a budget for your removal. If you have a budget amount assigned for the removal it is important to identify costs before you hire removalists. If you don’t have a budget, come up with one by identifying all the costs involved in an office removal.

Step 3: Analysing your company’s need for the removal. The reasons for the removal like if it for expansion, consolidating different offices into one office, etc. should be examined. This information should be used as input for planning.

Step 4: Creating a moving team to coordinate the removal. Have a small number of your colleagues in your moving team to help with coordinating the removal. Clear instructions and guidelines should be developed so that each employee can take responsibility for packing their desks, files, and personal items. Take the input from your team and also other employees to identify problems with the current office and in potential solutions to those problems in the new space.

Step 5: Creating your facility plan by working with your interior designer and space planner. You should seek input from employees and design a facility plan that matches your company’s needs and addresses any existing issues. This should help you in coming up with an optimal layout and design for your new office.

Step 6: Making decision on whether you need to upgrade your company’s office equipment. Removal provides an opportunity to upgrade your company’s hardware and you can avoid employee downtime that is normally associated with these upgrades. Removal also provides opportunities to get rid of old files and other unnecessary items, and also helps you save on removal costs and storage costs.

Execute the Removal

What you are going to do in this part is to choose a removal company that specializes office removals and schedule your removal with them. This should be done around two months before your moving date. Make sure that the removalist is amenable to coordinate your removal around you working hours and minimize downtime. Now is the time to contact the utility, phone, and internet companies to schedule necessary installations. This is also the time to order office supplies like business cards and other stationery.

You will need to inform your suppliers and customers about your removal. You should inform them of where you are moving and how your will operate during the transition period. keeping your customers informed is essential to make sure that you don’t lose them to your competitors as a result of the removal. You should also plan an advertising campaign to announce your new location to the public.

Hire Removalists in North Shore and Removalists in Sydney

One of the most important tasks is to hire the removalists. There are cheap removalists in Sydney that specialize in office removals, and you should call them to help you with your relocation. The removalists in North Shore can assist your removal if your business is located in North Shore. Removalists are experts at their jobs and have a lot of experience in office removals. Hiring a reliable and efficient removalist will make your office removal stress free and successful.

The removalists in Sydney will come to your office and give you an assessment. You should do your research to make sure that the company is reliable and provide the best service possible for the expense. If you want to get the best price, contact them early by researching cheap removalists in Sydney.

After you’ve settled into your new location, plan a grand opening celebration for your suppliers, clients, staff, and other people. You can thus introduce yourself to your new business community and also improve the employee morale.

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