The Kinds Of Tape That Can Be Custom Printed

Printed packaging tape is a great way to get noticed by your audience. It will reinforce your brand message and leave a good impression on the receiver. Instead of getting a plain package and wondering who it’s from, it is best to get them excited about your brand the second it comes in.

There are four different kinds of packaging tape to print on all with their sets of advantages. The first one, polypropylene, is the most commonly found one to package tapes. This is due to the fact that this tape is fairly economical and can bind really well to many surfaces. Keep in mind that the more recycled a box is, the harder it is to get it to stick. Polypro is made of a hot melt adhesive which comes in many lengths and widths as well as the amount of glue on the film. Every company is different and should have a good idea on what their needs are. This will help in the selection of the kind of tape and the size requirements.

PVC is known in the industry as the Cadillac of tape. This is because it is the most expensive one on the market due to the quality of the materials. It is made of a natural rubber adhesive and it does not make a lot noise when applying. Just by looking at polypropylene, PVC and acrylic, it is difficult to tell them apart. But PVC is the one that makes the least noise.

Acrylic is applied in cold or freezer temperatures. It is most ideal for the food and meat packing industries since they would need to keep the food at certain temperatures to keep them fresh and safe to consume. Keep in mind when printing a logo on acrylic, it is not possible to do so on the film like all the others. That is why it is printed on the adhesive side.

Gummed tape, also known as water-activated or krafttape, is a great option for most ecommerce companies. Since Amazon has started using this product, a lot of other online companies have followed suit. But before Amazon, gummed tape was not very popular due to the complicated application process of the tape. It requires a special kind of dispenser that cuts the tape to the exact length needed then shoots water on the adhesive in order to activate it. This way, there is no wasted tape and the right amount of water is used to bind on the boxes.

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