What Key Areas Are Covered By Your Outsourced IT Support Contract?

Outsourcing the IT support your business needs to a third party supplier unlocks a plethora of benefits for organisations of all shapes and sizes. As well as easing the burden placed on your in-house team, outsourced IT support can also provide a hassle-free option that doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on your bottom line.

Depending on your IT support requirements, there are a selection of packages available, each of which has the capacity to satisfy the needs of your business and complement the ambitions of your wider company. London based IT support provider Syntax is one such supplier that works to alleviate pressures put on in-house technical teams as well as provide fully managed options for those looking for support and expert help on a short or long term basis.

Whilst the IT support packages vary from supplier to supplier, understanding what key areas are catered for within your IT infrastructure ensures you can choose your preferred outsourced partner with confidence.

Server hardware help

The server, whether virtual or physical, sits at the heart of every IT infrastructure, regardless of its size, importance or use. If you are using an outsourced IT support supplier for their managed server hosting package, every aspect of your server hardware should be fully managed with any issues and maintenance needed completed on your behalf.

When selecting a provider, pay particular attention to the level of service that they offer when it comes to your server hardware. Using a company that provides a warranty for your server is always recommended, whilst additional support and advice should ideally be available 24/7 as IT problems can strike at any time.

IT support

Accessing specialist knowledge and experience is just one of the main benefits of outsourcing your business IT support to a third party provider. Many providers run a service desk to ensure your queries can be answered and your problems solved by teams of highly skilled technical consultants. Using ITIL best practice service management and ISO 9001:2000 quality management systems, this service desk should be your point of contact for all IT issues and questions.

For those utilising Apple Mac devices (including iPhones, iPads, laptops and desktops) calling on a supplier that has experience providing support in this area is vital to ensuring a first class experience and low maintenance infrastructure. However, whether you are using PCs, MACs or a combination of both, IT support should be available to you around the clock as and when you need it.

Infrastructure management

Your infrastructure consists of more than just your server, it contains every device, application and storage system that your company has come to rely on so taking good care of it is essential. Look for a third party supplier that has experience in all aspects of server and infrastructure management so you can ensure your company asset is in good hands.

If utilising a hosted IT infrastructure package, a fully managed infrastructure should come as standard to ensure a secure, low maintenance and cost effective solution that produces reliable and optimum operational success for you, your workforce and your customers.

Resources on demand

Accessing IT resources on demand is a must for businesses of all types. There are a selection of flexible, project and managed packages that can unlock a number of benefits for organisations, whatever their budget, needs or niche. Disaster recovery is just one of the on demand services that should be provided by your outsourced IT support partner, and could help you restore operations following hacker attack, data theft or even a natural disaster.

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