How Business Cards can Help Promote Your Company

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression, which can be applied to your business card. Long after a meeting is over, the only thing your client may have to remember your sales pitch by is your card, so it is important that it does a good job in representing your brand. Here are some ways to help make sure your card leaves a positive impression of you and your company.

Who Needs a Business Card?

Not everyone in your company is going to have the need for a business card, but those employees that meet clients or represent your company in public should carry one. Business cards are a good reference tool for clients when they need a product or service your company sells, even if they don’t order from you for several weeks. Your salespeople, technicians and upper management should always carry a business card to give to clients or the potential clients they meet.

Why Do You Need a Business Card?

There are several reasons you should carry some of your cards wherever you go. Your business card acts as a marketing tool for your company no matter where you are or when you are there. For instance, if you strike up a conversation in a pub after work, you may hand the person your business card so they can contact you at a later time about helping their business. You never know when or where you will meet a potential client.

Affordable Marketing Materials

One advantage a business card has over other forms of marketing materials is affordability. You can find many online printing companies that offer specials on making cards for businesses and they cost much less to produce than other types of marketing materials like brochures or press kits. Since they are so cost effective, there is no reason why cards shouldn’t be printed for yourself and other employees at your company.

What Should Be on Your Card?

In order for a business card to be effective, it needs to have the right information printed on it. The most important information to include on your card is your contact information, but you should only have the basic information printed on the card. This includes your name and title, your direct phone number if you have one, an email address and your company’s website address. The street address for your company is optional, as most people will use email to contact you.

Less is more when it comes to professional looking cards, and you will want to use a solid background on the card. Plain white is the preferred background colour as most print colours will stand out on them, and it will be easy to find. However, if you are in a visual or creative business, you will want to reflect that on your cards by having a good graphic that complements your business as the background image. For instance, if you bake wedding cakes, you will want to feature one of your cakes on your business card.

A card with an interesting fact or joke on it can help you break the ice when it comes to meeting potential clients. The card will draw the attention of the person you are giving it to, and they will remember they have it long afterwards because of the fact or joke. This type of card can be used for businesses in which a sober, professional appearance isn’t always necessary.

How to Make Your Cards Effective

In order for a business card to be effective, it must be made well and printed on a good quality card stock. When ordering a business card online, it can be hard to judge the card stock because you cannot handle it, but carefully read the information on the site and order cards made with a heavy card stock so they will last. A well-made card can help give the impression that your business will be around for some time to come, which can boost a customer’s confidence in your company.

Legibility Is Important

Your business card needs to be readable without having to squint at the card to understand what it says. When you order the cards, use a font size that will be legible for anyone you give your card to and make sure to use colours that will help its legibility. Using black ink on a white background will help make your contact information easy to read. If you have a graphic background, use a colour for the writing to help it stand out, such as white or yellow.

Use Your Logo

Since your business card can be used to help you brand your business, you should have your company’s logo printed on your cards. When your logo is designed, make sure the graphic designer makes it scalable so it can be included on all of your printed materials, including your cards, and your website.

Come Up with a Slogan

A one-line slogan can be useful if what your business does isn’t immediately apparent from the name of your company. Many businesses will use the owner’s name to identify the company, but their name doesn’t reveal what the business sells or the services they offer. Create a slogan that tells what your business does and use it on your cards and other promotional materials.

Order the Standard Size

Although you do want your business card to stand out, do not order them in unusual shapes or sizes. Many people have business card wallets or holders they use to place cards in that they’ve received from other people. If you use an unusual size, the card will not fit into their holder, and it could easily be tossed aside.

A business card is an important tool to use when meeting people because you may be talking to a potential client. Your card needs to be professional, but it should also be a reflection of your business and help build your brand.

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