Car Keys Safety And Action If Lost Or Stolen

Many persons fall victim to loss or theft of their car keys. Chances may occur that the same are stolen along with other items when the house or office premises are accessed by thieves. Car owners may lose the same while shopping in the malls, taking foods in the restaurants or during strolls by parking the car somewhere.

Safety – Car owners must be cautious enough to protect the car keys from being stolen or their loss. They should take extra care to keep them safely in their pockets or hand over to their female accomplices that may keep them in their hand bags. Keeping a duplicate set of car keys is also wise so that the same are used if the car keys get lost or be stolen by some dishonest persons.

Action if car keys are stolen or lost – Despite extra care and preventive measures, the car keys often get lost or are stolen by some thieves or other unscrupulous persons. The sufferers may use the duplicate set of keys lying at their residence or office for driving the car. They can call the car companies also and ask them for duplicate set of keys through their men. The ordinary blacksmith could also be of great assistance in this regard. He or she can make a duplicate set of keys within short time and ask reasonable charges for the same.

Steps to get replacement car keys, if needed:

    • Claim on car insurance – Car insurance companies generally provide key cover through their standard insurance policies. Compensation for the keys being stolen or lost like lost car keys in Croydon are available through such policies since facilitated by the concerned insurers.
    • Claim on key cover policy – Prominent insurance companies offer key cover as a stand-alone policy. Add on facilities are provided in addition to the existing car insurance in case the car keys are lost or stolen. Generous benefits are provided by the insurers. The reliable car insurance companies help their clients by facilitating insurance viable covers. The affected persons are handed over the spare set of car keys from the car owner’s house by asking reasonable charges for this noble service. Thus the sufferers are at great convenience when they happen to lose the car keys hundred miles away from home.  
    • Calling the breakdown service – Buying a new set of car keys means lot of expenses. It is wise to call the breakdown service if the car keys are locked inside the car. The experienced breakdown service providers would enable you to get into the car without asking for any additional charges. Nominal fees asked by them are sufficient to help you out and feel comfortable.
  • Buy new set of car keys – Though this is a costly affair, yet it becomes necessary in certain cases when there is no other alternative to deal with the awkward situation.


It is wise to protect the car keys from being stolen or loss like lost car keys in Croydon. However the above steps may be helpful if the same are missing.

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