Why Disposable Latex Gloves Are Preferred?

Disposable Latex gloves are very popular in the medical sector for its varied uses. These are disposable gloves made up of natural rubber and are mostly used during the medical examinations and other surgical procedures. It helps to prevent any blood or other microorganisms contact between the doctors, nurses, technicians and the patients.

These gloves are made of different kinds of materials such as Latex, rubber, vinyl, nitrile or neoprene.

One of the most popular type of the gloves used these days are the latex gloves. Some people might look for another option for using latex such as such as nitrile or vinyl gloves because many people might suffer some allergies from the Latex glove. If only the allergy is not a concern, latex surely has the advantages over the other gloves.

There are many attributes which add to the popularity of the latex gloves. These gloves fit on the hands just like another skin. These gloves have a very high level of touch sensitivity.  These gloves are best for wearing for a longer amount of time and works extremely well for high risk situations which involves infectious material or patients. The latex gloves are known for being very cost effective and are biodegradable. These are lightly powdered which makes it easy to put on and are very elastic and strong.

The latex gloves are used extensively specially in the medical sector as it provides a barrier and protection for the health care worker as well as the patient to give protection against any contact with blood, microorganisms or other body fluids. The latex is being used for over 100 years now and has proved its barrier and protection capability many times.

Several experiments have shown that the latex gloves have maintained longer integrity under in-use conditions and the other gloves such as the vinyl gloves have higher leakage rate which means a lesser barrier effectiveness and are therefore less suitable for surgeries etc.

The Latex glove has been found to be excellent in the race of the synthetic materials. As far as the comfort is concerned, latex is one such material which provides the extreme comfort to slip your hand in and perform surgeries as if you are not wearing any glove at all.

Cost wise also the latex glove is very economical and usually cost less as compared to vinyl or the nitrile gloves. These are easily available in the medical stores and are usually less expensive than all the other rubber gloves.

Some people might experience some allergies while using the disposable latex gloves. These allergies are most common in people who are regularly exposed to the use of latex products such as rubber gloves and are most common amongst the health care providers or the people who have undergone several surgeries. These allergies range from mild to very severe reactions and hence may require a specialist care. An immunologist or an allergist can diagnose the condition and provide relief to the allergic reaction as they have specialised training for the same.

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