Digital Wealth Management For Millenials & Professionals

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Investing in your future is important, especially in today’s world. It is the secret to success because the more you save, the better the outcome. Financial management helps profitability and increases the overall value of organizations. Everyone needs some type of financial planning to have a better idea of how to save money for the future. That’s why Bambu is trusted by numerous Financial Institutions all over the world. They have promising wealth management software for advisors and other financial institutions to use. It makes wealth management easier and smoother. With its user-friendly interface, the platform can be used by anyone.

Bambu is a Fintech Company that aims to provide an innovative approach to financial and wealth management. It’s no wonder leading financial institutions and Millenials use this tool to help them understand the importance of financial management. Bambu’s software and technology can be easily adapted by anybody. With cutting-edge technology, Bambu is brimming with endless possibilities to make wealth management easier for everybody.

A Holistic Approach to Financial Management

Bambu provides amazing wealth management software perfect for individuals and businesses who want to cover everything that comprises managing their wealth. For one, Bambu uses cutting-edge APIs that make digital wealth management easier. It consists of tools designed to make the software easy to use for financial advisors and their clients. These APIs can be added to your software if you want a customized Robo-advisor. There is a calculator to help you calculate your goals, rebalancing to provide recommendations to improve portfolio, graphs to project the portfolio and goals within a specified period, health checks to help allocate money across multiple goals, and country to display general info of different countries.

Aside from the APIs, Bambu is connected with some of the best financial partners like Amazon Web Services, Refinitiv, Apex Clearing, and Franklin Templeton. You will find it very useful for yourself and your company to better understand how it can positively impact your future. These Robo-advisors are flexible and know how to meet all the wealth management needs of your clients since it is a broad term that needs thorough understanding.

Choose Your Own Robo-Advisor

Bambu’s Robo-advisors are fully-equipped and intelligently designed to put your needs first. You can either customize one through Bambu BUILD or get the ready-made Bambu GO. With Bambu GO, it is ready to go so you can pay as you go. It is also custodize with Apex Clearing and there are zero codings required because it is up and ready. You can use it within weeks and it is goal-based financial planning. With Bambu BUILD, the Robo-advisor is built according to your specs. You can also have apps for customers and advisors to use. It is also integrated with your internal systems.

Get the assistance you need to make critical financial decisions. Getting wealth management software can help increase the overall value of your organization and improve its profitability. Advisors can strengthen their relationships with their clients without compromising the quality of their services. Lastly, it reduces costs associated with data capture and analysis and makes advisors more productive.

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