Signs: History, Materials, And Importance

We will probably never know when the first sign was put to use. It was surely out of the need for mankind to communicate with one another — for one human to send a message to his or her fellow humans — thatthe first signwas developed.Suddenly, the harbinger of our modern-day advertising sprung into being. Of course, this prehistoric past can be hard to imagine for a modern city-dweller who cannot take a glimpse anywhere without being confronted by some kind of flashy message.

The earliest signs were probably something scratched onto a wall, a tree, or a bit of wood, and maybe coloured here and there. Perhaps it was used as a marker to advertise the presence of a camp, or to mark an important location. Regardless of how it was first used or composed, this immensely powerful idea of a message displayed on a static medium was one that would morph into many forms over its long history and eventually come to utterly dominate the modern human landscape.

The Modern Sign

Many innovations have revolutionised signs and sign makings. Today, signs like those made out ofCorrexcorrugated plastic are composed of high tech, modern, synthetic plastics and boast a huge list of benefits over traditional materials.Advantages of these new materials include their resistance to most biological decay (rot, fungus, mold, and the like),as well as their exceptionally hardy, durable, and virtually weatherproof nature.

Today, signsare an integral part of any business that maintains a storefront. They also act as one of the pillars upon which the vast spectre of advertising props itself, with signs distributed liberally just about anywhere one goes. If your business is looking to assert itself with a custom, eye-catching sign, or run a convincing ad campaign with the help of a physical display, the specialists at HFE Signs are certainly worth contacting.

Expert Touch

As the UK’s top mail order signs company, HFE Signs offers solutions in a wide variety of materials, including highly modern Correx and other plastics. Offering free design and free shipping to the mainland UK, the folks at HFE Signs have produced a huge number of signs for a huge number of clients, many of which you have probably glimpsed unknowingly around the UK.

Whether you know precisely what you’d like on your sign or whether you need some help getting it designed properly, the experts at HFE Signs will be happy to assist with every phase of the process and lend their informed opinions to make sure you truly end up with a world-class sign representing your business or products. Your sign will look exactly the way you desire.

Displays, Stands, Banners, and More!

Besides simple signs, HFE Signs offers a wide selection of options for advertising, ranging from easily portable roll up banners to massive displays. Realise your advertising needs, spice up your storefront, or prominently display your logo at an event with these different tools of the physical advertising trade.

The exceptional customer service representatives at HFE Signs are always happy to address enquiries, answer questions, walk new customers through the process, and help clients old and new explore all of the possibilities of their services. Don’t hesitate to contact them today!

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