Things To Note When Investing In Banner Stands

Banner stands come in many shapes and sizes. They can be placed outside shops, in front of stalls/exhibition booths, inside restaurants and other enclosed spaces. Banner stands usually have large pictures or graphical images on them. They are used primarily for marketing purposes: you can announce discounts using these stands or highlight anything new about your business. However, banner stands are most commonly used at trade fairs and shows. Companies that participate in such shows usually place their banners right outside their stalls in order to attract visitors. This is an excellent way of delivering more information by saying less.

Anybody can read the stand and decide whether they want to know more about your business. If you are thinking of getting banner stands made for a trade show, here are a few things that you should consider:

The Materials

Banner stands are usually made out of Panaflex or translucent fabric. The frame is created out of metal in order to keep it rooted to the spot while the image is printed on fabric. Some companies also use wood. However, wooden banner stands are bulky and more expensive. Moreover, you can’t get a proper image printed on wood. Instead, wooden banner stands usually feature text that is inscribed with a metal finish. Wooden banner stands are more expensive. Moreover, they are also difficult to transport. However, if the trade show is going to be held outdoors, it might be a wise idea to get wooden stands. On the other hand, if the show is being held indoors, you should opt for translucent fabric.

The Right Colours

Using the right colours is very important. Banner stands come in different shapes and sizes. If you are taking part in a trade show, you must consider the interior of the hall as well. For instance, dark coloured banner stands aren’t very popular. The primary purpose of setting up banner stands is to make it easy for people to read something related to your business. Make sure you use the right colours when doing so.

For instance, dark coloured banners make it difficult for people to read the text properly. Nobody wants to stand before a banner and squint in order to read the text on the banner. When deciding the colours, think about where you are going to set up the banner stand.

If the stand will be placed in the hall, in an illuminated location, go for a light background with a dark foreground. On the other hand, if the banner will be placed out in the open during the day, use darker colours. That’s because sunlight will penetrate through the lighter colours.

Hire a Professional Company

If you really want the banners to give the right impression, you should hire a professional company to design them for you. The company will factor in the location where the banners will be placed, and create good-looking banners. For instance, MarlerHaley banner stands are very popular. The company uses professional imaging software programs in order to create high-quality pictures and print them on the banners.

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