Why Exhibition Advertising Still Works Wonders For B2B Companies

We live in the digital age.  Great volumes of daily business operations are handled by electronic messages that pass from person to person, up and down the chain of command, and back out to the world with little more personality or individuality than anonymous information.  Memoranda, reports, and queries flow from outbox to inbox along copper wire and fiber optic cable through network farms and sometimes the only gauge of content importance is gained by a glance at how long the CC list is.  This works just fine for daily operations and keeping the momentum of a business from slowing.  This sort of bland and impersonal exchange simply will not serve when it comes to some areas, namely: client acquisition and maintain a warm relationship with customers. As such, we wanted to take a look at the importance of exhibition advertising and have done so in conjunction with Zoom Display, leading suppliers of exhibition stands.

People Buy From People 

Collections of facts and catalogues of data are indispensable tools of business in the situations which they are needed, but at the end of the day people are going to want to buy from other people.  Businesspeople cannot undo the hundreds of thousands of years of genetic programming that makes humans more comfortable in dealing with other humans face-to-face.  When people attend an exhibition, trade show, or conference with the intention to buy products and services, they are not just looking at data and quantized information: they are deciding where to put their money based largely on the human interactions they experience at the show.  While your company is represented at a B2B exhibition, your exhibit staff (for all intents and purposes) IS your company to prospective clients and current customers.  You will never shake someone’s hand over the internet, no email will ever carry the confident tone of your voice, and no video conference will ever match the clarity and instantaneous ability to share information and read your prospects better than speaking in person.  Exhibition advertising offers a chance that is not particularly common in the digital marketplace of today:  at the show, you get to represent your business directly to a high concentration of people who have purchasing power for their own businesses without the constraints of bland digital barriers.

Walking Opportunities 

As a rule of thumb, you can assume that eight or nine out of every ten people that visit an exhibition will have at least some buying power; they either make purchases for their business or have direct influence in their business’ purchasing.  This high concentration of potential leads will churn on the floor where your exhibition is located.  Of course, not all of those people are there looking for the products that you offer, but of the people in attendance who fall into your target audience, you will have plenty of opportunities to step up and show people what you have to offer.  Even people who were not looking for you specifically may be comparing you against the business in your line with whom they are already doing business or considering a relationship with.  You have the chance to show why your business is the best option through the confidence, knowledge, and abilities of your exhibition staff.

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