Make Your Laboratory Perform Better With Lims

Laboratory information management systems or Lims as it is commonly called is a lifesaver for many. It is the perfect amalgamation of laboratory software and an information management structure all rolled in one. In fact the best part of this software is its dynamicity which matches perfectly with the ever evolving world of laboratory management. Its usefulness can be measured by the fact that different specialists have different definition for the same. This tells us how multi-faceted this software system is.

Key features of this software

It has a flexible architecture which offers tracking support for data and workflow and also interfaces for exchange of data. Its key features includeà

  • Feature rich software: This means that this software has the ability to protect your laboratory from unexpected costs, compromised use and its impact, thereby ensuring that your laboratory runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Personalised system: Lims can be configured based on the wants and needs of the laboratory where this system is to be implemented. This ensures that appropriate processes are put in place so as to facilitate proper functioning without wastage of resources.
  • Efficient implementation and management: Since a laboratory has to deal with samples and research, the core of this software has been made to manage samples. In the process it also ensures proper implementation of workforce, proper time management and also proper utilisation of finances.
  • Inter and intra data exchange: The software has been so configured that it allows for proper data exchange among the different sections of the laboratory and also with the outside world. In fact it can now incorporate the benefits of mobile technology within it to ensure easy remote sample collection.

These features are just some of the miracles that this software can achieve. Other than this also it can do a host of other things like audit management and compliance, barcode handling, document management etc. Hence this software benefits your laboratory in more ways than you imagine. Some of these are

  • Saving on labour and duplication of work,
  • Makes system error free thereby reducing turnaround
  • Ensures regulation compliance
  • Improves overall performance and also individual service

To sum it all, this software has the capability of making life easier for both the laboratory personnel as well as its clients thereby improving customer relationship, building a dedicated client base as well as making life easier for the workers. As is said a happy workplace generates more results than ever thought off.

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