Why To Prefer Alfipa For Aluminium And Other Products?

Alfipa is a recognized company found in 1994 fully committed in providing services to the packaging and insulation industry. Our team having 40+ experience in this field we provide free consolation on which material suites your needs best therefore keeping client satisfaction as our top priority.

We are known for thin gauge material like paper, laminations, plastic films, copper and aluminum which are used in wide range of industries such as food industry, construction etc. Our products are manufactured from the finest quality of material which ensures complete satisfaction to the consumer. The aluminum sheets comes in different variants with different finish which includes mill-finish, needled or perforated, bright/dull and lacquered therefore we provide with a wide variety of aluminum which makes it easier for the client to decide which material suits their needs. Apart from aluminum sheets we also provide recycled and non recycled paper as well as plastic sheets and laminates.

Our aluminum sheets are used for various purposes and therefore serve as a multipurpose product. We supply aluminum foils and strips for the purpose of packaging of food material such as chocolate and diary as well as pharmaceuticals also use the aluminum strips for packaging of their medicines. Europe’s leading insulation brands trust our aluminum and laminations for the manufacturing of their products as our material provides high performance and satisfaction. You can witness the high performance of our aluminum sheets if you ever travel to Paris as our aluminum sheets are used to build the flooring of subway wagons in the French capital. Therefore our product has been used on various platforms and we supply material to a large group of industries and so we have the ability to be flexible in our work and approach.

With our head office based in Germany we have our main focus on France, Germany and Benelux region. We are fluent in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian therefore fell free to contact us.

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